Mandalay Burmese Sf

andalay Burmese Sf

Asiatic, Burmese, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free. And people are talking about Mandalay Special noodles, Burma Superstar and Myanmar food. The first Burmese restaurant in San Francisco. The first Burmese restaurant in San Francisco since Mandalay offers a spacious, pleasant atmosphere. Myanmar and Mandarin menu in the Richmond District in San Francisco.

Est. 1984

Barbecued stewed coal of chickens or cattle with peanutsauce. It is a blend of ground shredded poultry and potato. Baked pumpkin or eggplants, with the head chef's own dipingsauce. Crisp Burmese pancakes with dip-court. Beans soup, shredded camusa, lentils, crispy beans, kale, onions, and almonds.

Coir pasta broth with chickens, coriander, onion ans citron. Spicy and acid syrup with citronella, pickled vegetables, prawns, tomato, paprika and bulbs. Including prawns, chickens & scallops. Lettuce cooked with Burmese home-made lettuce leaf, roasted with lentil nuts, ground prawns, roasted cloves, roasted cloves, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, fried garlic, green pepper, sesame seeds, peanuts and dressing.

mangoes, gherkin, peper, onion pickles &essing. Mixed vegetables mixed with salads, sliced chickens, roasted onions, roasted onions, ground peanuts & home-made sauces. Crushed parsley, gherkin, green peppers, onions, ground prawns, roasted cloves, ground peanuts & drums. Sliced Burmese noodles with soft chickens, pea starch, lemon bouillon, onions and roasted thin noodles.

Eggs pasta with roasted onions, roasted crisps of freshly ground cucumbers, ground coffee and tasty dressings. Myanmar pasta with spicy chickens, chopped peas and onions. Pasta with prawns, chickens & pigs with curried herbs. Sauté the diced chickens with cloves of clove and the chef's spicy sauces.

Brown the chickens in a pan with a little bit of tapenade, onion, chilli and a little bit of onion. A Burmese curried turkey with potato. Boned chickens and stewed croccoli covered in honey-kissed nuts. Roasted chicky breasts with aubergines, mushrooms, chilli and apricot. Slightly fritted, stewed, marinated and stewed chickensauce with the chef's tasty dip sauces.

Sliced pork, served with mushrooms and vegetable in a spicy gravy. The scent of our basil leaves is the result of the work of our head cook. Pork curried pork soup with gourd boiled and plucked pickled acidic mango. Roasted sliced veal with cloves of cloves and spicy sauces. Myanmar curried meat with potatoes.

Marinaded veal with herbs, roasted with tomatoes, bulbs and chilli. Minced meat with delicate, crisp pieces of gingerbread, crisp base oil and eastern wafer. Sirloin with parsley and pork on a roasted pasta mat. Crispy and aromatic seafood with prawns in gingerbread and clove. Roasted shrimp with crisply sliced mango.

The scent of our delicious smelling basket of bergamot and hot cuisine. Marinaded shellfish with seasonings and onions. Fried orkra with shrimps in garlic, piquant dressing and onions. Tempting shrimps in a creamy cream and honeysuckleauce. Seasoned fillet of fillet of marinated fillet of seared fillet of seared fillet of onions.

Roasted baked ground shrimps, roasted ground chilli peppers, roasted beans and ginger. Myanmar pickled vegetable with chilli, shrimps and sprouts. Roasted onion, cherry peppers, roasted toffu. Roasted bean curd with vegetable in a spicy gravy. Roasted whole eggs with tamarinds, olives, coriander and herbs.

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