Mandalay Burmese Restaurant San Francisco

Burmese Restaurant San Francisco

Sudalay - 1382 photos & 1945 reviews - Burmese - 4348 California St, Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone number - Menu I' ve never even seen Burmese before sunday. First, we began with the lettuce (salad with Burmese import tealeaves, roasted with lentils, ground prawns, roasted cloves, roasted cloves, roasted clove, lettuce, parsley, sesame seed, peanut and dressing). Singapore-style noodles ( "rice pasta with prawns, chickens & pigs with curried spices).

It' gonna be one of my new paper clips in San Francisco! When I was a kid, I was enjoying my Mandalay Cooler, which was an alcohol based gingerbread ale... but the music? After a 5-person home cooking, we ordered lettuce, red wine, vulcanic meat, guinea fowl, pasta and chilli prawns and everything was quite insipid.

All in all I had much better Burmese cuisine in the Bay Area. Vegetable feed we got was really good (although I don't think Burmese is usually as good as Thai) and the servers were very adept at what vegetables were and what wasn't, so that was sweet. The Mandalay Bar was much more than just a shared lunch.

It was a colleague's anniversary, we were reunified in San Francisco, and this was someone's former favourite restaurant that was something very different for all of us. That was my first step into Burmese cooking, and I have to say that everything we tried was sound. Pasta, salad, satay, soup, dessert - there was nothing disappointing.

It is one of the funny things about Mandalay when they put the final touch on the meals at the dining area. I had my first try with Burmese cuisine and I am hoping to try again sometime! Lychee Spezialcocktail - Almost everyone at the desk got one and it took forever.

Must Have***The tea leaf salad - As many have already said, this is a delight. Doesn't look like anything exhilarating, so I really thought it would be a failure, but when you put it all together, it produces a taste my lips had never seen before - these were amazingly yummy and very divisible.

Mangosalad - So crisp and so pure. It is a nice meal and could actually be used as a delicacy. Rice Soup slice - They put out a pile of small dishes so we could part. It was good, but when you had a chick on a cane, you had them all on fire?

Curry Burmese Oatmeal - I'm not a big admirer of Oatmeal, but it was so delicate and full of flavour. Must Have***Special Nodles - The standard was high because we had listened to everything about these pasta. We' ve had two orders of chickens and two orders of prawns. Must Have***Lychee Coconut Prawns - This meal came out later after one of the deserts had already been tossed in the toilet roll by so many peopl.

Pour the remaining juices over your shredded chillibe. Must Have***Coconut Reice - We all had a little dish and it was so good! I' d say that's great if you want to share and some paddy too. We' ve had a lot of mengo, but that's always a win.

I' m guessing the dark brown paddy with icecream on top was probably my favourite of the fistful we had. Tealeaf lettuce, an order of pasta, lychee and coconut shrimp, coconut ride as a side dish, and choose whether you want desserts here or somewhere on the way home.

We' had a great time in Mandalay for a group of 8 or 9 persons. Part of the services was surprisingly responsive, such as placing two orders of pasta on one dish to conserve space on the desk and make sure everything works for our large group. Satisfied with my first Burmese meal thanks to the delicacies of Mandalay.

During our yearly working journey every crew can select a restaurant for one evening, where they like to eat together. Southeast chose Mandalay because it was a unique restaurant for everyone, and I'm so glad we chose it. I' ve done some research and I was asked to order the tea leaf salad and the pasta.

To start with: - Fischkuchen - Teeblattsalat: that was to dying. - Mandos salad: so fresh! Spiralised fruit for victory. - sitzling rice soup: Here we had crunchy slices of white bread with a delicious sauerkraut. We ordered so many pasta specials for the net. This also comes preprepared tableide and the mix of personalities from the plain pasta, cockerel and then the crunchy pasta on top kept me returning for second taste (and third).

All in all - the eating was fantastic, I am so depressed that we don't have Burmese cuisine in Miami! We went on a business journey in the city and chose Mandalay for our Mandalay for our teammate diner. When we arrived for this eagerly awaited lunch, the façade and the interior are as similar as in many other facilities in San Francisco where I have been.

But, as in many of these places, the confined interiors and the forgotten front doors are not an indication of the cuisine. In most Burmese towns you can't get Burmese cuisine on a regular basis. Mandalay's services began on the false side. It was unbelievable. All the stuff we had. Until I took the first bit of it.

That could have been my favourite and up there with the pasta. By the way, take the specifics. One of my most hype cuisine was the fried ricesoup, which was a little bit sloppy. A cheerful Burmese restaurant in Inner Richmond, Mandalay is serving traditional Mandalay cuisine.

Mandalay's strong points are also his shortcomings and some of the meals we ordered here were a little overripe and others just had strange taste blends. Mandalay is a great restaurant for groups who are ready to leave their comforts area. We' ve ordered chickens sammusas and crock-sticker.

I have a young chocolate soda with young chocolate chips and Tapioka. I' ve got the Mandalay chickens with milk brown oranges. Last I ate here, the waitress was not so alert, and the restaurant had filled the table to the edge. I' ve got to get back to order the Mandalay chickens.... and maybe some freshly baked French hash.

This place looks good, but the meal was missing a little something. Tealeaf salad: no green leaves or leaves next to the tealeaf paté, therefore a little too savoury. mandalays pasta: While I liked the pasta and the whole taste, the gravy still seemed a little too liquid to me.

And I didn't like them using dry pasta as a crispy in this meal - they just got wet. Myanmar poultry curry: medium flavours. Pretty chickens. It' classic. Pig soup in gourd with acid mango: kind of a disappointment. Didn't like your mengo or your acid one.

Pricing was quite high for medium sized meals. All in all, the meal is good, but probably won't come back just because I don't think the meal is really good value for money. It was my first visit to a Burmese restaurant, but some of my buddies told me to come here and I was not disappointed.

The best tealeaf in town. Genuine Burmese cuisine, friendly personnel and a great place for families to eat! We' hatten von Fave Dishes zu least Mandalay Special Noodles - Absolumently Delta. It' just a different kind of flavor than any other pasta I had. Lettuce teat leaves - Also a paper clip when we go to another place, but this place is on a very delicate curry beef- Very delicate tasty cuts in a spicy stock Balada - This is a red kind of meal dilish with the gravy Samusa with chicken -

All very well and the vegetarian it came with were also substance Dry Pan Fried String Bean Fairly Good, but not one necessity person Mango Chicken I likable this meal, but I would get it without the jalapenos/pepper b/c it ready-made it a small indefinite quantity too ferocious for my kind of Coconut Rice was fitting O.

I' m so happy to have a friend who is living near Mandalay! As a rule, the restaurant is always occupied, which only means that the desks are always full, but the waiting period is not inappropriate. Remember that although this restaurant is not small, it gets very loud like most Asiatic ones, which I don't care about, because who doesn't like being socially?

We serve Burmese curry chickens, Burmese curry lamb, Mandalay chickens and dry pan beans (to which we usually include seafood or tofu). You can also enjoy the chickens as an aperitif! You should also like Burmese iced teas - unlike Thai iced teas, they actually taste like teas and are delicious!

Besides, P.S., there is another Burmese restaurant in the Inner Richmond area that always has an absurd line with an even more laughable waiting period (which I won't name), but Mandalay is 10 times better than this place! It is underestimated, but seriously, it's the best Burmese restaurant I've been to, and we'll keep coming back!

Inside Mandalay's nicely furnished dinning room is always buzzing and hectic. Immediately my group sat down for supper, and although the waiters were kind and alert, the meal did leave something to be desired. 2. The first meal we began with - the tealeaf lettuce was very tasty! Classical lettuce is made from fermentations, groundnuts, parsnips, sesame seed and roasted crisps of garden cloves, so you can think that every bit has a nice crisp!

They had Mandalay pasta with homemade pasta, chickens, grated onions and roasted pasta on top, but the flavour complexities of this was not impressive and I could only enjoy the salinity of it. At the end there was the vegetarian lettuce, clad with crisps of apple and prawns, a beautiful fresh food at the end of the dinner.

All I could enjoy was MSG in my neck when we were out. Although Mandalay's services and ambience were kind, the meals were relatively pricey for what they were, and many of the meals were definitely adapted to suit the American-style.

Although not too poor, Mandalay is not on the same standard as Burma superstar when it comes to cuisine. Tealeaf lettuce is a MUST. Okra prawn meal was marvellous, Burmese soda was tasty, everything was unbelievable. Absolutely more authentically than the Burmese Super Star near by and the Burma Cafe in Daly City.

Sour Leaf (Chin Paung Jaw) whrimp, & Burmese curried Catfish (bone in). The only reason we came was for freshly caught seafood, because I recalled that the last trip we were amazig. In this case the Currypaste has a different taste, masalas or herbs are a little off.

But there' s a restaurant that does: Mandalay. We' ve chosen to try Mandalay and it was a good one! The Mandalay is situated in San Francisco's Inner Richmond Quarter along California St (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue). Mandalay is also a real ONE STAR DOWN from Burma Superstar!

In most cases Mandalay has many of the same Burmese clips found at Superstar. In this restaurant you can also find samusas, tea leaf salad and Nan Gyi Dok. But there are many possibilities here that you don't get with Superstar (e.g. Singapore Style Noodle, Mango Salad, etc.), because Mandalay is a FUSION between Burmese and Chinese.

Me and my friend got the Mandalay Special Noodle, tea leaf salad, Burmese curry beef and a side of coconut rice. Here is what we thought: -TEA LEAF SALAD (8/10): Always loving the blast of taste that comes with a good tea leaf salad. It' difficult to mix different ingrediences, but Mandalay makes a good one.

BURMESE CURRY BEEF (7/10): Your curry beef reminds me of a tasty rendang. I would only get this meal for the gravy - it' s the ideal base for travel! MANDALAY SPECIAL NOODLES (8/10): Scream to my girlfriend Tina that she suggested the Mandalay Special because it was fire! To put it briefly, this was practically a carburetor variation of tea leaf salad.

Pasta was really smooth, lime/lemon coir gravy added an intensive, acid taste, and the hen was SO THENDER. You also have to like the roasted pasta spreads, because that was like the cherry on the cake! 3. The only trick was they could have given us more chickens. COCCOUSS RICE (7/10):

Rice came out soft, and I liked that they also gave a beautiful bunk of roasted stripes of coconuts! I' m always a big fans of Burmese food because the waitress and waitress are careful to describe their food to you while you serve it! The ambience was one of my favourite parts about Mandalay.

This restaurant was decorated with pictures, ornamentation and greens from top to bottom; I really felt like I was being taken to Myanmar/Burma. Mandalay has you under control if you're looking for a proper replacement to Burma Superstar. All in all, the meal here is quite good. I' m giving Mandalay a "Nice-su, you can take your folks with you and they'll be happy" review.

Have a good meal and thrive, I was not struck by the meal in Mandalay during my last Saturday evening outing. So I ordered the burlamada (spread with a curried sauce), tealeafs, seafood and Burmese noodles. Tealeaf was lacking the green of salads or the like. Thought the cook had forgotten to include an additional ingredient, but when I saw images of other tealeaf salads, the cook didn't forgetting.

But I felt that it had to be ate with something else, whether salad or on top of it. Those pasta was nothing out of the ordinary.

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