Mandalay Burmese Restaurant

Burmese Restaurant

Made in Mandalay Sushi & Burmese, Bergen Picture: Chef: Jian Lin Pastry Chef: Sherry Dung. Locate restaurants, bars and restaurants near Mandalay Burmese Restaurant London. When the restaurant reopens, you can place an order. Coffee, Vegetarian, Burmese, Asian, Vegan; Meals:

A Burmese restaurant opens in the city of Battle Creek in the south.

It' been a long trip for Amanda Sunthang. At the age of 17 she had the notion of opening her own restaurant and working in a restaurant in Malaysia. She' s at Battle Creek now, and with the help of members of her entire household, her dreams come through. The Shwe Mandalay store is scheduled to open this past season in West Michigan Avenue, where Tony's Chop Suey was located in the city' s inner city Battle Creek.

"Shwe " is Myanmar for "golden" and Mandalay is the second biggest town and former king's capitol of Myanmar, once known as Burma. Sunthang and her brothers and sisters also grown up there. Although the restaurant was designed by Sunthang, it is in the end a small business. There' s some restaurant experiences in the group.

So Sunthang worked in the restaurant that was inspiring her dreams. Myanmar, Shiang Thuahzathng's wife and daughter ran a small restaurant in Myanmar. What motivates them is their love of their cooking and cultural life, especially the thought of shared with Battle Creek. "I think if you want to study a particular civilization, you have to try their foods, so you can say who they are by eating," Sunthang said.

Meals are at the heart of this familys.

It is the family's intention to keep the meals they serve totally genuine, with the only possible compromise being an acceptable seasoning content. As Sunthang loves to say, Burmese cuisine is a mixture of China, India and Thailand, as these are Myanmar's immediate neighbours. The Burmese diet has its own special flavor, Sunthang said.

Combining Myanmar migrants who miss their meals in their home town and Battle Creek natives who have been telling Sunthang that they are interested in an immersive encounter, Sunthang believes that real genuineness will be welcome and rewarding. This restaurant has been through a great deal of work. In 2012 Sunthang and Cole had a meeting with Cheryl Peters, Managing Partner of the Generation E Institute.

The Generation E is a non-profit association that supports and promotes the development of entrepreneurial communities. Sunthang became an official customer of Generation E in 2016.

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