Mandalay Burma Travel Guide

andalay Burma travel guide

The Mandalay also represents Myanmar's cultural heartland. You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Mandalay, Myanmar on TripAdvisor: An index of travel guides, blogs, books and accommodation for Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). Review for Nyi Nyi(john) Myo Set Naung, tour guide in Mandalay, Myanmar. I was guided by Thu Rain through Yangon and some remote places in Myanmar.

andalay travel guide - Important travel information about Myanmar

VIVE: The first glimpses are of a warm, stuffy, clogged town, but give Mandalay a chanc! As soon as the ashes settle, Myanmar's former capitol unveils an age-old legacy of regal buildings, flourishing shrines and the old world's charms that have lasted into new age. Scale picturesque Mandalay Hill, where a 30-minute walk to the summit will give you the best view of the town.

It is Myanmar's second biggest town, the most important business center of Upper Burma and the last imperial capitol of Burma before British colonization. It' still considered by many as the center of Burma's cultural life. On every Mandalay town plan you can see the solidly bricked and water-filled King's Palace.

Formerly the residence of the last Myanmar monarchs, later bombarded in World War II, the palaces have now been largely reconstructed. Once part of the royal castle, but later pulled out of the castle and turned into money, this is a breathtaking example of Burma's tradition of tea temples, with elaborate carving of Buddhist mythology that covers it from the wall to the roofl.

Bombarded during the Second War, the building was not struck and remained true to its initial state. The Mandalay Hill is home to a large selection of stupa in the" biggest books of the world" in the shape of more than 700 plates containing the whole Tripitaka (Buddhist canon).

U Bein stretches across Taungthaman Lake in the southern part near Amarapura and bears the name of the longest teenak deck in the word, and the sights eeing of friars and bikers is a picture that travel guides can't get enough of. The whole sheet metal and the jewelry decorating Burma's temple and icon had to come from somewhere, and you can find the spring in downtown Mandalay.

Travelers can explore the goldmining quarter and the jewelry and jewelry markets to find out more about Myanmar's luxurious trade and even see the production of papier-mâché as a sacrifice to the pinnacle. And if you are interested in seeing something different and discover more than just the city's delights, go to a show of Mintha Theatre dancing or a puppet theatre in Mandalay Marionettes.

If you have a little more to spare, you can also take daily excursions to Mingun to see the breathtaking Mingun Pahtodawgyi, Amarapura for its craftsmen and the Old Quarter, and Sagaing Hill to see vibrant buddhistic cloisters. Explore what Mandalay has to show you and find your way around this busy metropolis.

MANDALAY... Royal Guesthouse is only 3 km from the centre of Mandalay.

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