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Town of Munaung, Toungup, Thandwe (including the tourist resort of Ngapali) and Gwa. city of Hsipaw, and the train line from Mandalay to Kyaukme and Hsipaw. Many of the city's attractions offer tourists a spiritual, if not enlightening, experience. The Mandalay, a famous Burmese destination, is known as the last royal capital of the independent Burmese kingdom. The Mandalay International Airport serves the city of Mandalay in and around Myanmar (Burma).

Mandalay Tour Packages, Mandalay Holidays

Most of the talks about Myanmar packages are focused on Mandalay - the amazing centre of religion. Mandalay and Yangon will perfect your holiday with many mystical attractions like the Golden Palace Monastery, the Jade Market, etc. The Mandalay Stopover Tours in particular are outstanding enough to show the city' s unmatched charms.

It has been lived by literally a hundred times, and many choose Mandalay Tours at the top. You can be sure that with the help of the alert Myanmar tourist office you will end the journey with needful information and precious enjoyment directly in Mandalay. Mandalay Tours will invest your resources and your precious resources in a profitable way during the whole of your stay, where you will receive tonnes of activity to make the lifelong souvenirs.

This way, within the carefully selected Myanmar tours that depend on the individual's personal preference and budgets, everyone can start their dream trip in all serenity. Tourers around the world have entrusted Burma package tours, and they often contain the infamous Mandalay on the route. When you first see the Mandalay Gold Floors and Convents, you will be amazed by their significant charisma.

In the city the sacred remains have survived the difficult test of times and have indeed remained an attraction. Experience the Mandalay Tours now! The Mandalay is known as the real Myanmar religion jewel, which is certainly definitely deserving of a stop. If you like this famed place of worship, choose the Mandalay Stopover Tour, which offers the two best places to go in Myanmar:

Mandalay and Yangon. The 4-Day 3-Night tour of Myanmar guarantees that you will see the true beauties of the ancient Burma capitol and the mystical peaks of Mandalay (Mahamuni Paya, Jademarkt, Golden Palace Monastery.....). Your stay in Mandalay will be full of pleasure, enjoyment and learning.

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