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The Mandalay Bay Apartments. Booking your Mandalay Bay Events Center, Paradise apartments online. Talking of family, no trip to Mandalay Bay is complete without a trip to Shark Reef. Holiday apartment in Bradenton Beach FL. The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casinos

Enter the Mandalay Bay resorts and casino and explore an haven. Outside, sunbathe at the legendary Mandalay Bay Beach, named the best pool in the United States. 3,220 newly designed rooms and suite interiors with 42-inch high-definition game-play TV, Wi-Fi connectivity and a sleek design. Famous throughout the nation for the best dining, the sexiest night life and the most luxury lifestyle you' ll find in Las Vegas.

Visitors have easy and convenient acces to MGM' affiliate resorts' dining, bar and lounge areas, spas and other comforts. To provide additional comfort, visitors can bill for all conveniences and equipment they use directly in their rooms. The equipment varies depending on the area.

availablility and booking

To create a tailor-made holiday experience: With a roof terrace overlooking the bay and the gulf, a residential-styled, heatable swimming pools with a fountain, an oversized whirlpool, a privately owned whirlpool and much more. It has several terraces, among them a large roofed veranda over the swimming pools with a complete outdoor cooking area, a lounge and several televisions.

Lounges around the giant user-defined hard-wood decks with many convenient sitting around the extra-large privately-heated private swimming pools with a giant whirlpool that can accommodate 12 people light. Light up some kind competitions during your sojourn and use the Foosball Touch available for your use! The most of the middle floor rooms have a view of the bay's waters and many of the upstairs rooms have a view of the Gulf's waters and the bay's waters.

Taking the excitement and concern out of packaging your personal bed linen and linen at your home know that when you come to your holiday destination, in town are high qualitiy and commercial clean luxurious bed linen, linens, washcloths and sea linen prepared for your sojourn. Further luxurious details are a Turkish hot water showers in the bathroom, various wooden slats on the ceiling and walls, automated shutters with infrared televisions in the bedrooms, a 65 " bent TV in the lounge on the upper floor, 2 Sub Zero fridge Wolf Range, individual bathroom tiles in the bathroom, swimming pools with glazed walls and revolving LEDs.

The Mandalay Bay has 7 rooms and an offi ce with convertible couch, 5 baths and 2 half-baths. There are 6 king-size and 2 bunkbeds. There is a master double room with a king size double room with stunning views of the sea, an en-suite bath and entrance to the terrace.

You will find the Master on the top floor, to the lefthand side of the stair. In the second room there is a king size double room, an en-suite bath room and entrance to a balcon. You will find it in the corridor to the right of the staircase. There are 5 other rooms on the ground floor.

There is a king size double room in the third room, to the right of the staircase, at the end of the corridor. There is also a king size double room in the 4th room, which is at the very end of the corridor on the right-hand side. Fifth has a king size double room and an en-suite bath room and is situated in the corridor to the south of the stair.

Situated at the very end of the hall, to the south of the staircase, the 6th room has a king sofa. There are two double bunkbeds in the 7th room, which is also in the corridor to the south. Our first one is a beautiful upstairs en-suite bath.

There is ample room for the bar with two washbasins, a tub and a walk-in slush. There is also an en-suite ensuite bedroom with a walk-in showers on the top floor. And the third is a half tub upstairs. There are 5 other baths on the ground floor.

There is a walk-in showers in the 4th floor, at the end of the corridor to the right of the staircase. Fifth bath is an en-suite bath with a combined bath and washbasin. Situated in the corridor to the lefthand side of the staircase, the 6th bath room has two washbasins and a walk-in showers.

7th is a half spa situated right next to the 6th spa. There is a spacious house with a privately owned swimming pool with whirlpool and 12 people! Use your cooking abilities with the BBQ barbecue and eat outside, unwind by the swimming pools while enjoying the calming attractions and noises of the bay or challenging the members of your group to a fun foosball match in the Rec room.

Houses with swimmingpool are only heated on request of the guests. To have your swimming pools warmed up, please notify AMV at least one weeks before your scheduled date of your visit. Swimming-playground heating systems in our houses are interlocked for your security and must not be manipulated, as they are supervised by the swimming-playground contractor.

It is expected that there will be around 75 C in the wintry season. Be aware that if colder periods appear, your body heat will decrease and may remain cool for longer. Swimmingpoolheaters do not work and switch off themselves if the outside temp. gets too low. As we take all precautions to make sure that the swimmingpools will be heated as indicated, meteorological factors can influence the swimmingoo' s temperatur.

A whirlpool's water temp is usually adjusted to the same temp. as the swimming bath. AMV will carry out the repair as soon as possible in the case of a failure of the swimming pools during your sojourn. We' ve been enjoying the whole family. Use of the swimming pools was free of charge.

We' re delighted that you've all been enjoying your time in Mandalay Bay. We are pleased that the situation was good for you and that you could use the swimming pools and the free transport! Some of my girlfriends and I have been renting Mandalay Bay for the past two years.

Hi Lesley, we are glad that you and your celebration enjoy your visit to Mandalay Bay! After renting Mandalay Bay for an extensive holiday with the whole group, we brought them all from every shore in the USA. It never felt overcrowded and we spent most of our free day in the swimming pools and backyard.

Hi Alexa, thank you for taking the opportunity to inform us about your visit to Mandalay Bay! We' re happy to learn that the house was better than we thought and that you and your host families were enjoying your visit. If you are willing to come back, please let us know, we would be happy if you could come back!

This house is wonderful, completely with all comforts. the bicycles, and play Mais toss/bean bags play at candlelight. All of us lived in Mandalay Bay! Hi Terry, thank you for taking the opportunity to tell us about your visit to Mandalay Bay.

We' re delighted that you enjoy your visit and are delighted that you and your host families have had such a historic one!

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