Mandalay Bay Travel Packages

Trip Packages to Mandalay Bay

Included in the Run of House: The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino offers you the perfect mix of fun and ingenuity. If you are a guest, the park charges offer you the possibility to park within the same park area, i.e. in all MGM Restaurants or through the park service. Cars that are left in the car park for more than one hr are liable to a charge and are increased to 24 hr after 4hrs.

Enclosures are liable to be changed without prior notification at the sole discretion of the real estate. There may be some limitations. Included in the price: Charges are at the sole option of the hotels and may vary without prior notification, with certain limitations. Access characteristics are available upon inquiry and upon availablility and are not warranted. There are minimal ages limits, image identification necessary.

Shows, night clubs and rides are changing. 15.00 Check-out time: 11.00 The pool is available depending on the season. These may not represent actual price or actual product availabilities. The rates are refreshed at least every two hour. The above mentioned rates are non-binding and are only warranted after receipt and acceptance of payments.

SEASONALLY started and ended times, which are specified in the reservation procedure, are valid. The quoted rates, duties and charges may vary depending on the currency translation rates. Available in restricted quantity at the indicated price. Packet rates may not represent actual price or uptime. The rates on this page are cached.

While we are committed to being as precise as possible, we will provide you with up-to-date rates and stocks when selecting a holidaypacket. The other departures and times are available and rates may be higher. Unless otherwise stated, the rates are per person on the basis of adults sharing a car. Tax for travel to the United States, Mexico and the Carribean may vary depending on the currency translation rates.

Quotations are restricted and based on stockability. There are other limitations. You will be billed for $1.00 per $1000 for every $1000. Announced targets are changing often. While we endeavour to promote the promoted area, the pictures shown are for illustrative use only and may not exactly mirror the promoted area.

Promotions marked on the flat -rate packages may not be available on the announced departures.

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