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The Hotel in Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

THEhotel is an elegant, quiet sibling of the affiliated Mandalay Bay and draws a younger audience that favours urbane elegance over artful luxurious. Giant suite, robust services and beautiful wall arts make it a refined retreat for the Vegas circuit; but accessing Mandalay's facilities - complete with its swimming pool - means you can have a foothold in any city.

The THEhotel was re-opened as Delano Las Vegas after an overhaul. This is a calm, refined and refined withdrawal from the permanent clang of the casinos in the adjoining Mandalay Palace Resort. In the THEhotel without the use of daylight, the foyer and lounges are always full of atmosphere and mood. Combine the elegant modern styling and world-class craftsmanship - like the Jasper-Johns play near the lifts - and the resort reaches a soft, cold and deep urbane atmosphere.

This is what the relatively young visitors want from this more seasoned and demanding Mandalay Bay neighboring property: a cold and gentle rest from the exaggerated shine and the strip lime. It' not that the resort doesn't provide much luxurious facilities and even a lot of pleasure.

There is a beautiful Asian-inspired spas (with a sound gym ) available for spoiling. A wide selection of restaurant-club and family-friendly swimming baths (including a wavy swimming area and a rotten river) on Mandalay provide exceptional relaxation. This is a good option for those who want the full, exaggerated Vegas feeling, but also the capacity to quickly withdraw into a gentler and more sophisticated environment.

Thehotel is situated within the major Mandalay Bay resort at the south end of the dense three-and-a-half miles long section of the casino area known as the Swab. There are some free plots, run-down inns and shopping centres around the city. Visitors can go to the most part of the stripe, but taxis are a better choice - or the free tramway connecting the Mandalay with Luxor and Excalibur, the two northern cantons.

Practically every Las Vegas Strip resort is a 10 to 15 minute taxi drive from McCarran International Airport, usually around $15. Each room in THEhotel is a suite, with a lounge and a master suite on approx. 725 sqm. Toilets are in a seperate room - a good thing for pairs.

There is a 42-inch flat-screen TV in the lounge, which receives about 60 TVs, although about half of them appear to be advertising in Las Vegas. It has Fiji waters and a mini-bar with a choice of beverages and refreshments. Wonderful Asian spas with adjoining fitness center and simple acces to the many comforts of the neighboring Mandalay Bay Hotel.

ISThotel is linked to the bigger Mandalay Bay Beach Resort through the Casinos. All the comforts, swimming pool, stores and restaurant of Mandalay Bay are available to you. Bathhouse is located in THEhotel Towers, but is also open to Mandalay Bayers. Divided into masculine and feminine areas, the resort has baths, sauna, whirlpools, and diving baths.

There is also a rest room with fruits for snacking. There is a connection to Bathhouse and you can use both for $30 per night or just the gymnasium for $20 per night. There are new cardiovascular equipment, which includes bicycles, elliptical trainers and running frames, all with televisions hooked up, free weight, stretch matting, practice ball, many hand towels and flasks of cool running hotter.

At the top of THEhotel is Mix Lounge, a chic lounge with a stunning Las Vegas panorama. Like all MGM Estates, visitors have easy entry to the Shadow Creek Golf Course, about 20 minutes by car from the city. Turquoise green is open to residents only, and MGM provides a limousine from the Strip and Caddy area.

There are several other golf course partners, among them the Bali Hai Golf Club directly on the Strip. Mandalay Bay Resort's child-friendly facilities are comprehensive, among them probably the most child-friendly swimming pool in Las Vegas (including a rotten stream and a wavy pool), the Shark Reef Aquarium and about 20 other good places to eat, many of which are well suited for children.

THEHotel; but much more (buffet and a la carte) at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Because THEhotel is part of the bigger Mandalay Bay hotel building, the 20 restaurants are readily available to THEhotel-goers. The possibilities are much more restricted within THEHotel itself:

They are both slightly more costly than similar places outside the hotels - you pay for the comfort on site. Smell the freshness of THEHotel. I had impeccable condition in my room.

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