Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Pool

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Pool

It was a pleasure to visit the famous pools at Mandalay Bay Resort. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Info for Las Vegas Hotels. Contemporary, great pool, clean, great views of the Las Vegas Strip. More than just another casino in Las Vegas. The only resort on the Las Vegas Strip with a real sandy beach and seasonal wave pool.

The Mandalay Bay Pool Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Beach is one of the best pool settings in Las Vegas and has an 11 hectare large pool with 2,700 tonnes of genuine sands, a wavy pool and a rotten canyon. The Beachside Casino is located directly on the sands, the only air-conditioned game by the pool in town. In the middle of the Mandalay Bay Beach lies the remote Moorea Beach Club, which offers a personal, challenging beach-life.

The DAYLIGHT Beach Club also offers the ultimative pool recreation with open-air amusement from the best DJ's of the time. Things are never-ending to choice from the player who surfs in the 1. 6 million gallons of shaft pool, floats down the rotten river, recreation room on the 2,700 tonnes of California Beach Casino or trying your luck at the Inside Beach Casino.

The Mandalay Bay Beach Concert Series is open from May to September, inviting musicians to take their rugs or windsurf in the waves while listening to some of the greatest tours. Mandalay Bay Beach is 11 acre in the middle of a luxuriant rainforest and offers maximum waterbathing.

With more than 2,700 tonnes of true California sands, this world-famous play area has a 1.5 million gallons wavy pool up to 1.80m high, a rotten stream, true sands and beach games, three indoor and outdoor pool, a running course and 100 rental cottages, cots, bungalows and personalised mansions.

There is also a beach casino under Mandalay Beach. This three-storey, air-conditioned, transparent casino provides a one-of-a-kind gambling game. Mon - Sunday 8.00 - 18.00 Note: The Mandalay Bay Beach surf pool is limited in altitude. They must be 48" old to be able to go swimming in the waves. Locker spaces are available at Mandalay Bay Beach and can be hired for $10/day plus a $10 security chip.

Hoses are only permitted on the Lazy River and not on the shore. Situated in the heart of the Mandalay Bay Beaches, the remote Moorea Bay Club in Mandalay Bay is an upmarket, adult only pool with no daytime sun bathing, and in the evening it turns into a South Beachestyle night club.

The Moorea is for diving and swimming in Euro sail is allowed behind a matt glasswall, where the visitor cannot look in, but Moorea visitors can admire a magnificent sight of the sand beaches and the waterfalls as well. The Moorea Beaches are offering their customers a personal, mature, upscale and challenging outing.

Featuring 3 separate swimming pools, deckchairs, opium bed and separate gazebos, it's simple to enjoy your day by the pool in Moorea. Upholstered lounge, cooled bathrobes, energetic soundtracks, pool cocktail and pool massages are just some of the things you'll find at Moorea Strand Club. Visitors can book one of the five Beachside Villas on the third floor of the Beachside Casino for a stunning views of the sand beaches and the wavemuz.

The Moorea Beach is a Las Vegas top pool and visitors must be at least 21 years old to be able to participate in the Moorea Beach at all. You are kindly requested to identify yourself at the door. Let the excitement of the Vegas Strip take you to an upmarket, trendy tropic haven on Mandalay Bay known as DAYLIGHT Beach at the beachfront.

The DAYLIGHT Beach Club is a groundbreaking open-air adventure and night-life venue, bringing refinement, energetic fun, refined dining, cutting-edge technologies and world-renowned deejays to Sin City. Surrounded by a luxury pool with three drenched deck areas, the 50,000 sq. m. spacious, versatile outside area at DAYLIGHT Beach Club offers the ideal backdrop for pampering.

DAYLIGHT is a 4,400 square meter pool with 70 loungers, 23 cabinas and 2 chalets. There is a imaginative coctail meal and a tasty seafront kitchen that stands out from the pool kitchen. Clooney, The Baja and DAYLIGHT White Sangria are some of the drinks you can try. Adm Admission to DAYLIGHT:

Opening of the DAYLIGHT Season: Each year Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino starts the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Concerts in May and runs until September. These concerts are held on the Mandalay Bay Beaches platform, which stands above the sandbath and wavetrap. Take a rug and sit on the shore while you enjoy the sound.

From April to September the concerts on the beach are open to the general audience. In order to buy your ticket, please go to the box office of the Event Centre Friday - Tuesday from 10:00 to 22:00; Wednesday & Thursday from 12:00 to 18:00 With a chessboard in hiding, characteristic drinks and lounge area, the Delano Beach Club provides its visitors with the opportunity for a vibrant ambience or an unforgettable recreation.

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