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Sandalay Bay Resort & Casino - Las Vegas

Huge Mandalay Bay has a variety of functions for children (wave pools, rotten basins, sharks aquariums ) and grown-ups (lively pubs, first-class dining, a large spa), but the crowd, long queues and noisy airports can make it a somewhat less pleasurable deluxe alternative. The hotel's 3,211 rooms were all renovated in 2015 and 2016, creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing accommodation in Vegas (which says a lot).

When the Mandalay's position is a dilemma, travellers can review the fares at Cosmopolitan, which is located at the centre of the strip (but is not even easily child-friendly). The Mandalay Bay 3,211-room hotel is overcrowded even when compared to the other huge Vegas venues, especially considering the 1,117 rooms at adjacent Delano Las Vegas and another 424 rooms at the Four Seasons (both have joint entry to the swimming pool and casino in Mandalay Bay).

With its fish tank, the swimming area and the wide range of almost 30 different places to eat, it is one of the best luxury Vegas hotel for families, with the MGM Grand. Congresses are also a large part of the hotel business (the hotel's own congress centre is the fifth biggest on the whole of Europe, with more than two million m² of events and meetings space).

Mandalay's position on the south side of the strip makes it somewhat more remote from the central strip attraction of the Mirage and Bellagio. An armed man opened fire on October 1, 2017 at an open-air musical event on the Mandalay Bay campus on the thirty-twoth irdorey, where 59 were killed and more than 525 injured.

Mandalay Bay Hotel Resort, which also accommodates Delano Las Vegas and the Four Seasons Hotel, is located at the southern end of a three-and-a-half mile strip of hotel canteens. There is not much outside the area - some undeveloped plots, run-down inns and shopping centres.

In order to get nearer to the main stripe rides, you can take the free tramway (0.7 miles) connecting Mandalay with Luxor and Excalibur, the two nearest cities in the Nordic region. The majority of Las Vegas attendees want to discover all the large plots along the Strips. The Deuce, a double-decker coach that travels up and down 24/7, is generally a cheaper variant.

There is also a MGM Grand, Bally's/Paris, Flamingo/Caesars Palace, Harrah's/the Lisq, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Westgate and the SLS - but it's a long footpath from Mandalay Bay to the MGM Grand Stop. When you are on the Strip with at least one other passenger, a taxi is often the cheapest one.

Practically every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is 10 to 15 minutes by taxi from McCarran International Airport. Each Mandalay room has been restored with a daring and modern aesthetics full of textures and contrast, with nature-inspired mural paintings, wood-panelled accents, light-coloured cushions and soft fluffy rugs with a discreet wooden vein or itkat pattern.

The view of the Strip or the mountain is possible from the ground level window. The Mandalay Bay Beach, the huge swimming pools with an outdoor lounge and a small casino, is quite unbelievable. One of the biggest pools, and clearly the kids favourite, is the 1. 6 million galon shaft puddle that generates waist-high (on an adult) shafts every few mins -- and is the only shaft of strip-lake.

Surfing is not particularly hazardous (they are just big enough for a child to surf), but the hotel keeps lifeguard informed and all babies are at least 48 inch high to go into the swimming pools. The rotten basin, where childrens and grown-ups can drift down the meandering brook and through falls in inner pipes, is less intensive but still funny.

The MGM Grand also has a rotten water basin. As soon as children have had their wealth of romping in the wavy bath or swimming down the rotten river, they can try to pollute the 100 odd species -- -- among them a dozen different types of sharks -- in the 1. 6 million galon shark reef aquarium.

There is a rude swimming poolside shower (and no sun bathing at the top) in the Moorea Beach Club Swimmingpool which is accessible for 21 people only. However, the fun here is not quite the same as the notorious rehab at Hard Rock Casino or the wet republic at MGM Grand.

This hotel resort (which also owns Delano Las Vegas and the Four Seasons) offers more than 30 restaurants - more than most strip resorts - with prices, style and cuisine. Mandalay even competes with the best Vegas foodies with a wide selection of exquisite cuisine from renowned cooks, such as Charlie Palmer's Aureole, Michael Mina's STRIPSTEAK, Hubert Keller's Fleur and Wolfgang Puck's Lupo.

Mandalay also hosts some of the best strip nightclubs, such as the House of Blues Foundation Room, with its breathtaking view and secluded teahouses that are much more personal than the mega-clubs and lounge areas everywhere else. Spa Mandalay has 30,000 square meters of thermal and thermal spa facilities, a tropical saunas, an aromatic scent of cedars, a gum bath, a dives and 23 rooms for use.

This gym charges a day-fees ( "typical" in most Vegas Resorts) and offers a good choice of cardsio devices with TV screens, free dumbbells, workout ball and weight trainers. The casino, like everything else in Mandalay, is large (about 135,000 sq. meters), but it doesn't seem as thrilling or interesting as the gambling rooms in other luxurious properties such as Wynn, Bellagio, Venetian or Caesars Palace.

While the casino offers the industry standards in slot machines, board game, roulette, tables, blackjack, pokers, racing and sport books, and the high-limit room, the hotel's style and ambience are more or less the same as any other huge hotel in Vegas.

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