Mandalay Bay Extra Bedroom Suite Price

Mandalay Bay Extra Bedroom Suite Price

Manhattan. Las Vegas Boulevard, Mandalay Bay: Two-bedroom hotel suites in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada, with almost 39 million guests a year, offers more than 150,000 rooms, but few hotels provide two-bedroom suite accommodation. While Sin City gamblers may loose a lot of money in the canteens, they must also be willing to accept high prices for hotels, as most of these two-bedroom resorts provide quality accommodation.

Situated 12 min from McCarran International Airport, Emerald Suite ( has two-bedroom comforts. In the two-bedroom suite domestic animals are allowed, but are subject to a charge. Reduced prices are available for senior citizens, civil servants, army staff, long-term visitors and groups of 10 or more. The Mandalay Bay ( is opposite McCarran International Airport.

This luxurious establishment has 1,450 square metres of two-bedroom suite, including Jacuzzi baths, two baths and floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the swimming pools, the mountain and the Strip. At an additional charge, visitors can either arrive early or leave later. There are two double rooms in the hostel, two penthouses and two towers in myrage Las Vegas (

Conveniences available range from portable dockers, walk-in wardrobes, gowns and hydromedical baths. Penthouses also offer free of charge spas, limousines to and from McCarran and wines and fruits in the room on your check-in. The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino ( has the Marquee Suite skyline with two bedrooms and an area of 1,500 square metres. It has a dinning area, a lounge and two baths, one of which has a Jacuzzi.

This suite also provides 180-degree strip viewing. If you book your room on-line, your guest will get a special offer such as a voucher for the hotel's spas. It is an all suite resort just a few minutes walk from the Fashion Show Mall. This two-bedroom suite is 1,943 sq. m. and comprises a billiard tables, a four-seater dinner tables and two jacuzzi baths in white and white marmor.

In addition, our customers are provided with free park services and self-parking. There is also a day to day resorts charge at the same time. Encore Tower Suites offer numerous amenities for our customers, such as a separate entry, free breakfasts and twice a day room services. It also has 2-room suites equipped with pop-up HP TVs, touch screen drapes, Jacuzzi bathtubs and a Jacuzzi and music area.

This two-bedroom suite has 9-feet ceiling, two galleys, a chimney and two and a half baths with Jacuzzi bathtubs. The minimum age for a room reservation is 21 years. This 1,950 square metre two-bedroom suite has 2 bedroom suites with baths in white sandstone, deeply immersed jacuzzi baths and a separate patio or backyard. There is no room for smokers or domestic animals.

Patients must checkout by lunchtime, but can do so on their TV in the room.

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