Mandalay Bay Bay Suite room

Sandalay Bay Bay Suite Room

Now Stephen Paddock's room is locked with a police crime scene tape. Faster for fun with a digital room key, mobile check-in and more! We' re happy to welcome you to the Fairfield Inn & Suites Las Vegas. andalay Bay's Two Kings and many other cool extras to make it home. Pets must be packed unattended in boxes.

In the Sagittarius's spacious Mandalay Bay suite.

In this photo you can see the marksman's hideout of the assassin Stephen Paddock. Over the course of several nights, Paddock had brought 23 weapons into his room and placed two of them on stands on a window with a view of the musical event. An intimate view of his room on the thirty-twothand storey shows broken window shooting down at the defenceless cavemen.

The interior - seen through serrated window panes - still shows lights shining next to various pieces of furnishings in the hotel's "Vista" suite. The paddock started shooting at 10 o'clock. 8pm on Sunday evening, after having brought an armoury into his room the previous week-end with 10 cases.

Lightning struck the room with southwest German forces to anaesthetise paddock, but by the time they arrived, he was already gone. Seventy two mins after the first distress call to Paddock, which was found gone. Tourist Jeff Bridges from North Carolina took exactly the room in which Paddock was located. An entire wetsuit consists of panes of glass, two of which are broken by paddock to provide sniping points for its onslaught.

During a guided visit of the room Bridges says: "The best thing about this room is not that it is 1,800 sqm. The best thing is the view. The gunman was in the Mandalay Bay turret on the lower right and shot into the crowd at Las Vegas Village, diagonal over the mid-crossroad.

Fatherdock was living in Mesquite with his 62-year-old friend Marilou Danley. At first she was nominated as a figure of interest for the filming because she seemed to have check-in with him at the motel. Cleaning said they saw no sign of anything unsuspicious in Paddock's room, CRNreported. This was reported to be room 32135.

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