The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The name of Myanmar's second city suggests - at least for many Western visitors - pictures of Rudyard Kipling's moving poem Mandalay. At the Mandalay Picton House Hotel in Paddington, in the heart of London, we are delighted to welcome you. Mandalay (/?mænd?

?le?/ or /?mænd?le?/; Burmese: ???????; MLCTS: manta. le: [mà?d?lé]) is a city in Myanmar. Don't miss Mandalay, there's a lot to do in Mandalay.

Verses - Mandalay

At the old Moulmein pagoda, which looks lazily at the ocean, stands a Burmese woman, and I know she thinks of me; for the winds are in the palms, and the church bell say they: Can' you hear their paddle from Rangoon to Mandalay? Coming to Mandalay.....

Coming to Mandalay..... And there are no buses going from the bank to Mandalay; and I'm learning what the ten-year-old military man says here in London: However, these aromatic scents of garden clothes, To' the sun and' the palms and' the ringing church bell; On the way to Mandalay..... I' am ill o' wastin' leathers on these gravelly pavin' stones,'An' the blown up British drizzling rain is waking the fevers in my bone; Tho' I goes with fifty'ousemaids outside Chelsea to the beach, An' she speaks a great deal o' lovin', but what do they comprehend?

Coming to Mandalay.....

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Journey to Burma (Myanmar) to see Mandalay

In Mandalay, Sudoku, Rudyard Kipling longed for Burma's'sunshine and' the palms and' the ringing bells of the temple'. He' never really made it into town, but if he had, he would have seen the castles and king marble of Burma' s last king's capitol, built by King Mindon in 1857. But he would have failed in his golden age - in 1886 the growing British Empire took over the town, exiled the imperial line and relocated the capitol to Rangoon (now Yangon).

In 1942, the bombing of the town was a shallow one. Since then, the modern Mandalay has emerged from the dust in a random construction explosion that will not receive any architectural prizes. andalay is an important centre of religion with more buddhistic convents than anywhere else in the state.

The Shvenandaw convent was initially part of King Mindon's King's residence and residence. When he died, his sire Thibaw Min moved it outside the castle wall, persuaded his father's mind to pursue it. It was this supernaturality anxiety that rescued the convent from being destroyed in World War II (although its epithet, Golden Palace Monsterastery, began to pale as English forces plundered the bullion from its walls).

The remains of the royal inheritance of Mandalay are the most beautiful preserved example of a 19 -th grade Myanmar woodcarved cloister. The Royal Castle was rebuilt in the early 90s according to the initial designs, and you can now walk between the red-roofed couches, thrones and auditoriums.

Watch out for the carbonized stairs of the Royale Mint - one of the few preserved authentic houses. A great patron of the finest craftsmanship, Mandalay has long been a centre of arts and crafts. Visiting a goldsmith's shop you will see the hand hammering the golden into thin leaves.

In the Mahamuni pit you can see where most of the leaves of your mahamuni go. There is a 4m (13ft) large bronce Buddha with so much golden cover that it has become out of proportion. Buddhists often see adoration as grinding a golden sheet onto a sculpture - some smaller sculptures turn to golden rock over the years.

A large part of the goldfoil is also used to make jewelry, which can be seen on the many Mandalay malls. In order to get a feeling for Mandalay's geographical situation, you can ascend Mandalay Mountain, the only characteristic of an otherwise shallow area. Four itineraries, one on each side of the mound, and the roofed south staircase leads through a series of shrines and cloisters.

The Kuthodaw Pagoda lies at the bottom of Mandalay Hill. Mandalay is usually the best place to go from November to February, when the temperature is a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius and there is little precipitation.

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