Mandalar Min Express

The Mandalar Min Express

Itineraries are served by Mandalar Minn Express. The Mandalar Minn service serves the main destinations in Myanmar and offers both economic and VIP services. Please see contact information and details about Mandalar Minn Express.

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Check out Mandalar Minn's various coach timetables and Mandalar Minn fares to find a coach that suits your travel needs. When you buy your Mandalar Minn coach ticketing on-line, you can see what conveniences are available for each and every depart. Included are WiFi, on-board toilets, air conditioning and sockets.

Our cover of all available Mandalar Minn buses ensures you get where you need to be. To get the best offer available, use a promotional key to get Mandalar Minn ticket rebates. Are you looking for Mandalar Minn cancel ation, replacement and reimbursement policy?

Do you need more information to print your flight pass, baggage tag, sporting goods or pet on the boat? When you find a matching travel, you can purchase your Mandalar Minn travelcard. Please be aware that coaches are sold out, Mandalar Minn and other carriers usually require much more for last-minute or personally purchased travelcards.

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Founded in 2007, Mandalar Minn is located in Yangon. There are both economical and V.I.P. cars available for travellers on different journeys. It is located at Aung Mingalar Bus Station, about 20 kilometers from Yangon Town. The Mandalar Minn airport serves the most important Myanmar cities and offers both economic and private services.

Itineraries for this carrier, which include fare, length and number of services, are as follows: There are three busses to Bagan every day, one in the mornings and two at nights. There is a short drive back from Bagan to Yangon, where you depart very early in the day and take the 15 USD overnight-trip.

Busses come and go from Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway Station. After Mandalay Yangon reaches Kywel Sel Kan coach station. We have three departures: two in the mornings and one at nights. From Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw the journey is 370 km and the busses take about 5h.

Some of the company's websites do not show all lines, such as Yangon to Inle lake. When you drive to/from Inle See, please be aware that the coach will stop in Taunggyi, which is about 30 kilometers from the closest city on the Inlesee. It may be necessary to personally inspect the buses at the train terminal or ask your hotelier to call the school.

Restrooms in Myanmar are very simple - remember; don't wait for anything like Thailand - tidy and roomy restrooms at the filling station wherever you go. The Mandalar Minn Express is cheaper than other carriers, but takes a great deal of time to actually get a pass when you buy directly.

Several of the experts reported rather bad experiences with Mandalar Minn in their overnight coach from Bagan to Yangon, with the major problems being the light that remained on throughout the whole trip. In fact, it is a frequent concern with the Myanmar coaches - well, be prepared on the boat not to stay up all dark or better take your napkin with you.

This is actually the case with all Burmese coach operators, so don't be surprised to learn English! Some find it a disappointment that it is forbidden to bring your own onboard. We have toilets and midday breaks and otherwise the firm does not require you to take any foods - especially those with a heavy aroma.

A lot of travelers say that the Mandalar Minn bus seating is convenient; some notice that the riders are very skilled and driving safely. One of the positive aspects of traveling with Mandalar Minn for our reader is certainly that the ticket is very cheap in comparison to the other businesses.

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