The Manaung (Burmese: ?????

??????????) is a city in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar (Burma). And the island it's on is also called Manaung. Big savings on hotels in Manaung, Myanmar online. The Montrose project has been commissioned to implement a pilot programme for social investment in the community of Manaung, Myanmar. The Manaung (Burmese: ???????????????) is a city in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar (Burma).

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The Manaung (Burmese: ???????????????????) is a Township of the Kyaukpyu District in the Rakhine State of Western Myanmar. Manaung is the capital. The Manaung and Manaung Townships, located on the Isle of Manaung, consist of three islands: The Manaung lsland, Ye Kyun lsland and Taik Kyun lsland. -Manaung is not only a tuscan citieship of the Kyaukpyu District, but also the second largest of the Rakhine State in Myanmar.

It has Bengal Bay to the west and northwest, Ramree Island to the northeast, Ye Kyun Island to the south and Taungup to the east. Mankind Manaung Island, about 55 leagues around, lies at 18'47 (898'N) and 93'98 (472'E) on the Rakhine Coast of Myanmar. The Manaung Township is 202.05 sq. m. (Area 120309) in area.

It has 5 stations and 138 townships in Manaung Township. The Manaung Township has 94724 of Rakhine, 937 of Chin, 3 of Myo, 2 of Kame, 236 of Bamar, 2 of Dinae, 1 of Thet, 24 of Kayin, 2 of Kayah and 6 of Shan.

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