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Myanados Dive Sites

While you have ever dived in Bunaken, Manado, please share your experiences with us: Manado Tua's dive sites have steep, vertically winding walls with many cracks, gorges and small caves. In the bay of Manado there is also a wreck site for diving. Cuba Dives | Manado Scuba Dive Sites Manado is a not to be neglected dive site with more than 70% of all Indo-West Pacific aquatic life worshipped by scuba photographers, sea biology and scuba-diving. Each dive is a one-of-a-kind Manado diving adventure! Allung Banua is one of the largest dive sites on Bunaken Island.

This is a very good place for beginners where they will be learning to dive. The name Depan Kampung means "in front of the village" and is located in the south-eastern part of the island Bunaken. This is a highlight of a wide range of Burak topographies. There is a shallow coral cliff here, often populated by large groups of trevallies, mackerel and bat fish.

Fishes here are usually less fearful and scuba diver can get very near the sea level. Situated on the southeast side of Pulau Bunaken, these three spotlights are mainly suitable for scuba-diving. The mandolin is situated on the straits between Bunaken and Manado Tua, and the current at this point can be powerful and produce large pelagic and scholastic sorts.

There are about 16 dive sites around Pulau Bunaken and Sachiko's Point is one of the places full of a great diversity of coral and sponge. It' called after a japanes travel agent, who declared this dive site to his preferred dive site. Tunjung Parigi is another must on the lovely Bunaken isle.

Situated in the north-eastern part of the isle. It is definitely the best dive site around Pulau Bunaken, some may even say it is the best dive site in Indonesia. Within the first 5m you can see such a great diversity of marine life that even deep water dives do not offer you such an option.

The Manado Tua is actually a resting vulcano, which rises westward of the Bunaken and has 4 dive sites around it. There are about 6 dive sites around Pulau Montehage and among them Bango Point has the widest diversity of coral and game. Coral includes cabbages, boulders and acropora, among the freshwater pearls are wrasses, parrotfishes, snapper and scalaro.

Beside Bango Point, Barracuda Point is also worth a look.

The Pulau Siladen is one of the 5 major islets in Bunaken National Marine Park. It' the smallest of the five isles and is closest to Manado, about 30 min by canoe. It is the place where you will most likely end up when a powerful stream brings you southwards over Mike's Point.

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