Mali Garnet


All you ever wanted to know about Mali Garnet Gemstones. View our large stock of fine natural Mali Garnet Gemstones from Mali in Africa. The Mali Garnet is a mixture of coarse and andraditic garnets. Find out everything you need to know about Mali Garnet Gemstones. Explore all about colour diversity, care tips and gem value and become a Mali Garnet expert!

Granat Mali value, price and jewellery information

In the garnet group, one of the rarder species, the Mali garnet, is a mixture of coarse and andradit. This precious stone, found in Mali in 1994 (still its only known source) has a high brilliancy and a high dispersio. The colours vary from almost tsavorit greens to yellow-green, amber, golden and amber.

The high quality assortment for Mali garnet is undoubtedly reserved for the extreme rarity of the colour chromium-yellow. Like any gemstone, carats (size), clearness and polish have a dramatic effect on the value, with a particular value for Mali Garnet due to dispersal. During the last few years, much smaller quantities have been manufactured, which has led to an increased cost.

As large-format roughs are seldom found in this strain, the cost per karat rises drastically with the actual number. View the full jewel pricing guide. Launch an IGS membership today for full use of our pricing guides (updated monthly). Mali Garnet has an extraordinary pedigree. Gemmological studies have shown that the gemstone's combination is between coarse-matter (calcium-aluminium-silicate) and andraditic (calcium-iron-silicate).

Sometimes this mixture is known as " Grandeite ". Most Mali grenades are coarse, but the varying addition of Andradit changes its properties in at least one important way. It seems that this hybride favors its coarse parents in respect to index of refraction (1.77 in most samples) and firmness. Its excellent distribution, however, comes from its inheritance from Andrade.

The most Mali garnet raw material is extracted from alluvium and shows the round, water-supported form characteristic of this spring. Facetted rocks with bright colours show their splendour in a spectacular way. Notice: Mali garnet and Malaia or Malaya garnet are different types of garnet. There are no refinements or plastics known on the medallionarket.

Mali's Kayes is the only known spring of this gem.

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