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Life of male sex workers in Chiang Mai

Tens of young men from impoverished Shan State towns work as sexual labourers in homosexual show banks in the north of Thailand's biggest town. KIANG MAY, Thailand - In the side streets of Chiang Mai near a street café, a man in a black dress was standing and smiling, then pointing discretely at a front doors illuminated by a bright amber.

Numerous clients were sitting at desks around the stages, sipping, smoking and indulging in the dancers' vivid manoeuvres. The majority of the clients seemed to be from the West, others were Asians, and at some desks some of them were from Asia. Some of the performers came down from the scene during a break in the musical performance to talk to the audience, who were offering them free beverages.

Four dances came to our tables during a rest, all came from neighbouring Burma and we talked to them in Burmese. The young men said they came from the Panglong, Loilem and Mong Nai townships of Shan State. Most of them are Shan and some are Lisu, Lahu and Akha ethnic," said one of the performers, and added that everyone has come to Thailand and started working in the local community to help their family in their poor home town.

With between 2 and 3 million migrant Burmese labourers, Thailand has long been a target for many who want to migrate from Shan State. Migrants often provide low-paid, untrained labour in industries such as building, processing, tourism and fisheries. According to a travel guide for same-sex tourists in the north of Thailand, four of the Chiang Mai dancing gays are in permanent danger of being arrested by the Thai authorities because their work is legal under Thai lact.

When asked about the dancer's ages, the young man at our dinner quickly answered that they were all over 18 years of age. 2. Shortly afterwards, he came to our desk and the 23-year-old said he was raised in the community of Loilem in an area controlled by Shan rabble. As Ai Long said, he is the top dancer and a favourite with West Viennese people for his good looks and bodys.

Since I can do a one-man show, I deserve more," he said, and added that he earned a wage of about $1,500 for his dance number. While the other performers are earning from $600 to $1,200 a months, many are earning more by having sexual intercourse, for which, according to Ai Long, they are charging about $100 a nig.

Labour incomes represent a large amount of cash for a Myanmar immigrant labourer in Thailand, most of whom make about $100 to $300 per months. As most Shan men in the team, he is not a homosexual and does the work only because she is well paid and allows him to pay his families, and adds that five of the club's 20 members are actually wed.

He and many of the performers are enjoying their work and not proud of it - he said to his relatives and boyfriends that he works as a waitress in Chaing Mai. As Ai Long said, he hoped one day to set up his own company in his home area of Loilem to help his own families, and added that he had already purchased a piece of property and constructed a home there.

If I have the money to set up a company, I'll go back to Loilem and I' ll be living with my family," said Ai Long. Not only is sexual work a challenging task, it also puts young men at serious risk to their wellbeing, such as infections with STDs and substance use.

Several of the men use inexpensive methamphetamines, also known as yaba, to help them remain alert during nightly dance or sexual activity. "The majority of clients don't like fast intercourse and don't want to give away cash, and next ticketing doesn't work if they're not happy. When clients are happy, they tip.

Some[ Sexplayers ] use Yaba to last longer," Ai Long said, added that it is a custom. They said that most clients will have safe intercourse, but it is not uncommon for clients to try to make the dancer have insecure intercourse, which exposes them to the group to STD.

He had indeterminate sexually transmitted diseases on four occasions, twice from having exposed sex with male buyers during heavier yoaba use overnight, while he also contracted Sai Han twice in paying libido for gender himself with women prostitute. "Now I always use johnnies, either when having intercourse with male clients or women sexual labourers, and I don't use yabas much now," he said.

They said that they did not know of any case where a male sexual laborer was HIV/AIDS contaminated, although other sexually transmitted diseases were usual. Mplus is a Chiang Mai-based organisation that promotes the right of same-sex couples and raises HIV/AIDS consciousness. Mplus often goes to visit homosexual show banks to inform sexual labourers about the dangers to their wellbeing.

An NGO employee said that the HIV/AIDS infections had affected the workforce in the past, but no case was brought forward last year or so, possibly as a consequence of growing education programmes. He said that he conducted a poll of male sexual laborers to investigate medical questions and found that many of the young men who became ill did not look for appropriate medical counsel.

"Masculine sexual laborers are too timid and afraid that their jobs will be suspended, so they hesitate to go to a hospital if they are contaminated with STD.

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