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The Malaysian cuisine is as exotic and varied as its people, which is great for the adventurous gourmet! Locate and book the best Malaysian restaurants in London. Find independent reviews of London's best Malaysian restaurants and receive special offers. The best Malaysian cuisine and authentic Singaporean cuisine in the heart of Chinatown London. This is Gossip Kopitiam, the first Malaysian Kopitiam, Cafe, Restaurant in Manchester UK.

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When it comes to London's grocery fashions, Malaysian cooking has long been something of an Alsatian. Whilst widely traveled gourmets have praised Viennese and Thailand cooking, they have not been so well received by Malaysian cooks. The geographic and historic conditions have created a genuine crucible of influence in Malaysian cooking.

In the course of the years, the advent of setstlers and merchants from China, Portugal, India, Indonesia and the UK has changed our kitchen so much that it can be described as a merger kitchen. And if you are interested in good eating on the streets, you can have a grilled poultry sandwich or a tasty pan or pasta broth.

It is good to see Malaysian foods in the limelight in London, also thanks to a new, hotsy Suka dinner. Sanderson Hotel's ber-smart in-house ¸ber has New York head Chef Zak Pelaccio at the top. Edinburgh prides itself on a number of Malaysian restaurants that delight our palate with the exciting flavors of this ever evolving kitchen.

Sanderson's Zak Pelaccio has put together a dinner of hot, contemporary Malaysian cuisine in the renovated Sanderson dining room. It' also has its own soundtrack: While London Lite was there, we were spoiled with Malaysian melodies with Nelly Furtado music. Chelsea's elegant and classy Awana Ristorante has put the hallmark of Malaysian street cuisine on the table in just two years.

Get ready for a unique dinner in this London Bridge jewel. Nyonya's kitchen was created in the fifteenth centuary with the marriage of Malaysian wives and people. Bean sprout kickoff with savoury seafood (£5.50), blue chickens with shrimp sauce (£5.50), and plain, lively local dishes such as the famous Penang Char Kway Teoh roasted pasta meal (£7).

Hidden in a shabby archway behind Liverpool Street, this simple stylish "oriental dinning room" - think of canteen-style benches and placemats made of wood - is a practical place to brighten up your lunchtime. Semi-Malaysian, semi-Thai menus follow a cheery and cheery recipe of large dishes of large dishes of soups or stir fry pasta, French fry and curry, with Malaysian standard dishes such as Nasi Goreng, roasted eggs, shrimps and octopus (£6.70).

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