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North of the equator, Malaysia enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. Malaysia's weather and climate cause it to experience a monsoon season, which varies depending on the destination. Our travel weather guide will tell you what the weather will be like in Malaysia in November. Weather and Climate Guide to Malaysia, showing you the best time to visit Malaysia and the clothes you need. Best time to travel to Malaysia, including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall.

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What is the best timeframe for a trip to Malaysia? Malaysia's weather is warm and damp all year round, interrupted by rainstorms. During the rainy period on the eastern shore between November and February, when the weather on the western shore is warm and arid. On the other hand, the wetest month on the western coastline is April to October, the dryest on the eastern part.

Located between 1 and 6°N, Malaysia has a classical equal temperate and year round weather with high temperature and rain. The temperature at ocean levels is between 21°C and 32°C, while in higher altitudes with a temperature between 15°C and 25°C it is significantly colder. You can enjoy a seaside vacation all year round in Malaysia as the eastern and western coast are experiencing their wetest seasons at changing seasons of the year.

Apr-Oct ( "rainy season") in the western part of the island causes storms in the afternoon, but these are usually short, and one or two downpours are a welcome way to damp. On the other hand, the eastern coastline tends towards a heavy rainfall and should best be shunned during the rainfall of Nov-Feb.

Many of the bathing towns are closed during these seasons and reopen in March. Lumpur and Malacca are warm and moist all year round, with temperature ranging from 22ºC to 32ºC and almost every day rainfall in the tropics. Rainfall during the wet seasons (Apr-Oct) is not much more severe than the remainder of the year and can provide a welcome alleviation for the sometimes suffocating moisture.

Maleakka profits from a seabreeze that lowers the temperature by 1 or 2°C and on a wet days it can make all the difference! 2. Situated at 1,500 metres above sealevel, the Cameron Highlands have a significantly different atmosphere than the remainder of Malaysia. The temperature is on avarage very comfortable 22 ºC during the days and relatively cold 15 ºC at nights - an outstanding environment for the cultivation of teas, blossoms and fruits, and for the visitor it provides a nice contrasting to the hoter lowlands.

Throughout the year, the eastern seaboard is humid and sun-drenched, with the South China Sea's lukewarm water creating a gentle humid airflow. Rainfall is much more severe on this side of the island and can interfere with transits, and some of the resort are closing in these seasons and reopening in March.

Out of the northeast monsoon period, the eastern coastline is usually dryer than the remainder of Malaysia, making it the ideal destination for a stay on the water. Continental Malaysia and the peninsula of Malaysia are typical of the tropics, warm, sunny and wet with year round showering. In September and October the rain shower is stronger, but even during the wet seasons it is still possible to spend a weekend or two in which you only occasionally experience a brief rain shower.

In heavy sea at this season, September and October scuba dives are not good due to low winds.

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