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Map of Malaysia on the world map. Map of Malaysia on the world map. A collection of detailed maps of Malaysia. Maps of Malaysia: political, administrative, road, relief, physical, topographical, travel and other. This map is a political world map focusing on Europe and Africa.

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Malaysia's expansive rainforest and countries are situated in Southeast Asia, just off the equator, and include some of the world's most stunning shores and a rich selection of unparalleled rainforest and natural reserves. By the first millenium AD, the Malays developed into the dominating breed and founded small states that were strongly affected by India's cultur.

Up to 30 empires ruled in the second and third century, among them the antique Langkasuka kingdom, which is one of the oldest known empires in Malaysia. Dominating a significant part of the Peninsular Malaysia between the end of the seventh and the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Srivijaya nautical kingdom revolutionised commerce and became the major force within the islands.

In the aftermath of the Srivijayas' fall, Islam began to proliferate in the area and the sultanate began to develop. Malacca Sultanate was the first sovereign state to flourish and became an important trading centre. The Sultanate of Malacca was captured by Portugal in 1511, making it the first country in Europe to be granted entry to the South-East Asia itinerary.

In the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries, the Netherlands and Spain replaced the Portuguese capital and the Netherlands took over Malacca. It was the British, however, who recognised the Malaysian states' strategical location and wealth of indigenous nature and colonised and ruled the area for over 150 years from the middle of the 19th cent.

The British initially advocated a non-interference strategy, but the importance of coal extraction for trade finally resulted in conflicts between aristocrats. Who are the Malaysian speakers?

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The Japanese entered the area during World War Two and remained there for over three years until the end of the conflict in 1945. In the aftermath of the conflict, the areas of the Malay Peninsula governed by Great Britain (including the south of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and the Malaysia Peninsula) became the Federation of Malaya. In 1957, after a ten-year of intensive negotiation, Malaysia became independent of Great Britain.

The Peninsular Malaysia Federation was founded in 1963 when Singapore and the states of Sabah and Sarawak became members of the Peninsular Malaysia Federation. In the 1980s, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mohamad, Malaysia experienced a phase of fast growing economies; urbanisation followed rapidly, as did the transition to an economies founded on production and gravity industrial.

Shattered by the Asia economic downturn in the end of the 90s, a huge win by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2004 reversed the economies of Malaysia and pushed a large part of the people to the limits of the first world-standard. Macedonia is moving towards a first world state and the present regime has set a very ambitious target that should be fully met by 2020.

With one of the best business record in Asia, it is developing its scientific, tourist, commercial and medicinal tourist industries. Divided by the South China Sea, both sides of Malaysia (East and West) are multifaceted, multi-cultural areas. In terms of travel, Malaysia is gaining popularity and has become a favourite target for liner charter.

Who are the Malaysian speakers?

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