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Burma maintained their hope for a place in the semi-finals of the AFF U16 girls championship when they defeated Malaysia 2-1 in the decisive Group A match at the Athletic Jaka Baring 1 Stadium. Myanmar set off from the beginning and put Malaysians under a lot of strain.

When Myat Noe Khin came home in the 8th minutes, it wasn't long before they took the leading role. Then Noe Khin redoubled Myanmar's edge with the second gate in the 29th as Malaysia came under increasing reignit.

When Helima Emily Joinin popped home, the Malaysia girl gave herself a life line in the thirty-fourth moment. This was the best of the match as both sides played it safely in the second half while looking for the chance to increase their scores.

Most of the match was focused in the middle of the parc before coming to a halt in the twenty-sixth as Maria Diaz Lazo ran past her mark to bring the shot home. The second half was a cold one for Singapore and a Philippine error would be costly in the Sixty-third minutes when Nurhidayu Naszri came into play.

Murder of four Myanmar workers in Machete attack in Malaysia

The Machetes on Thursday struck 13 Myanmar residents in Malaysia, leaving four deaths and three seriously wounded when the group of people working long hours in Kuala Lumpur, the capitol, said a Myanmar civic organisation working in the area. This fatal raid took place in the Bukit Serdang area in the south of the town after the men abandoned a TV plant where they worked at 10 pm, said San Win, president of the Kathpone Free Funeral Service Company in Kuala Lumpur, which provides free burials for its poor outcasts.

The Myanmar ambassador has submitted a case to a municipal law enforcement agency, San Win said. In an interview with the on-line magazine The Irrawaddy, San Win said that four of the casualties had formal passes, while another three were considered immigrant labour. In 2014, tens of thousand of workers from Malaysia came back to Myanmar after about 25 people were murdered between June 2013 and September 2014, which some analysts in the Malaysian press reported at the moment that there may have been ties to municipal brutality in Rakhine, the Turkish Anadolu State Agency said in a December 7, 2016 statement.

According to Myanmar's Kuala Lumpur mission, there are more than 400,000 immigrant Malaysian labourers, of whom about 100,000 are illicit labourers, although some have estimated the number of Myanmar's undocumented labourers in the state at about 500,000, the document says. The Myanmar Times reports that last July the Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia established a working group on the welfare of migrants, made up of members of some 50 organisations from Malaysian civic organisations, among them the Kathpone Free Funeral Service Societies.

Myanmar's administration last December suspended the posting of operatives to Malaysia for security reasons as tensions increased between the two countries over the Myanmar restless Rakhine state that dealt with the situation of the Stateless Muslim Hisingya. The Muslim Malaysian overwhelming criticised the Myanmar administration and the country's mighty army for allegations of violence against the Rohingya during a breakthrough in North Rakhine following fatal assaults on regional frontier protection outposts.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak said that the Buddhist regime's handling of the Rohingya meant "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing", which prompted Myanmar to interfere in Malaysia.

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