Malaysia Embassy Yangon

Embassy Malaysia Yangon

The address, telephone number and e-mail address of the Malaysian Embassy in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). Do I need a visa if I am from Malaysia? Cheap hotels near the embassy of Malaysia, Yangon. Relations between Malaysia and Myanmar are external relations between Malaysia and Myanmar. The group leaders' San Suu Kyi's "handling of matters" said a letter will be translated and handed over to the Malaysian embassy in Yangon.

Embassy of Malaysia in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Show comment 1-10 of 82, latest first..... soutah bags tac bali tac bali tac kakap ac afa. hello sir,mam my name is ail and I am from myanmar.actually I want to applied for a work in Malaysia, but I already have my pass for a TH. the 2yrs work visas still have (entered in TH..jan 2018 and left from TH..march 2018.because of families I can use this pass for a work in Malaysia with TH workingvisa.

Hawan saysa ba da parkerja myamar..macam nak buat paspot di malaysia! It'?s all right. Hello, I wanted to talk to our Myanmar embassy about any security in Malaysia during a visit to Yangon. Hai, can you tell my sisters to go to Myanmar without a permit or pass? Assuming I get her back to Malaysia securely, how can I do that?

My name AGOER HENRUSMAN, I am the second of four kids, now I am in Rangkasbitung Lebak County of Banten County, my bro remained with Mama I Regional Cicalengka Bandung Regency West Java Subdiv. My brothers are a wife who lives with her man in the Tasimalaya Tasikmalaya County of West Java Subdiv. and whose sisters I am in Bandung Town in West Java County.

My Mom is a dowager who not only works at the moment, but lives from her compassion. What is only most kids within the limits of what amount of cash, then for which I really want to minister to a kid, although only a small part to thank Ms. I, for whom I dared to look for the help of funds for improving and surviving, for Philanthropist and donor, who has an abundance of funds, would probably help the mom I have a small part of the funds to the mom I am specified above the covenant.

His name is Saya Ayah perkerya myamar..macam mama nak bouat past pot di malaysia! Please, can you tell me what is required for Myanmar citizens to obtain a multi-pass entrance permit in Malaysia? You are invited to exchange your experience with the Malaysian Embassy - getting your passport and other related information, localization of the facility, etc.

The website is not run by the Embassy and your remarks and queries are not necessarily seen by your employees. Notice that this is not a platform for a wide discussion on Malaysia's external policies and such issues will be removed.

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