Malaysia and Myanmar Money Exchange

Myanmar and Malaysia Currency Exchange

Best available MYR exchange rates comparison table. We' re using the international MMK/MYR exchange rate, and the last update was today. This is the Malaysian Ringgit Exchange Rate & Live Currency Converter page. Monetary currency in Malaysia: Ringgit (MYR). So what is the monetary unit in Malaysia?

Money Exchange in Burma - Myanmar Message Board

$1 (US dollar) = 783 Kyats. EUR 1 (euro) = 1041.92 Kyats. GBP (British Pound) = 1218.87 Kyats. MYPY 1 (Japanese yen) = 10.09 Kyats. CNY (China Yuan) = 123.08 Kyats. {\a6}1 THB (Thailand Baht) = 3,934 Kyats. MasaIaIa ringgit (1 MYR) = 247.95 kyats. I BDT (Bangladesh Taka) =10.00 Kyats.

One SGD = 604.17 K. I AED ( "Dirhams" UAE) = 213.1 Kiev. KRW 1 (South Korea won) = 0.682 Kwat. CHF 1 (Switzerland francs) = 844.6 CYATS. aud1 = 794.60 k. $1 CAD (Canadian dollar) = 765.3 kyat. MXN1 ('Mexican Pesos') = 57.44 Kie.

HKD 1 (Hong Kong dollar) = 100.6 Kyats. The South African Rand = 95.77 Kyats. For the Philippine Pesos: 1 PHP = 17.95 Kyats. Twenty-nine hundred kyats. S017 Kyats. RUB 1 (Russia ruble) = 24.88 kyats. IDR ("Indonesian Rupees") = 0.086 Kyats.

INR (India Rupees) = 14.91 Kyats. For the Pakistan Rupees: 1 PKR = 8.83 Kyats. I LKR (Sri Lanka Rupees) = 6.87 Kyats. Please note: This information is derived from the Yangon Dollar market.

How can I trade Myanmar Kyat?

"where you can exchange Myanmar Kyat in Malaysia? On April 2, 2012 Myanmar Kyat was RV, with the Myanmar Kyat RV I might become a milionaire. I' d asked almost all the money changers in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam, but I can't find any to exchange my Myanmar Kyat banknote.

I' ve got 5,000 Kyat records my boyfriends gave me. but they don't know where to exchange Kyat in Malaysia." What makes all of a sudden ask about Myanmar Kyat? A lot of taxpayers were deceived when they bought Myanmar Kyat. They' re said that Kyat will one of these days compete against the Dollar.

An update on a declaration by Myanmar Union Finance Minister U Hla Tun said Myanmar is considering adjusting its exchange rates to stabilise its currency markets. Burma will consult with the International Monetary Fund. Myanmar, in short, will upgrade its Kyat.

Vendors use the BNM Ringgit exchange rates (BNM are now using the new exchange rate) as an alibi to try to sell them. Which they don't know Myanmar has been peddling Kyat on the illegal trade since 1990. Banks and money changers in Malaysia will not tolerate it unless you trade with the retail prices.

There is a complete difference between the exchange and exchange prices on the money exchange markets. While BNM uses government exchange Rates, the reality is that Myanmar Kyat has always been trading at a non-monetary exchange Rate that reflects the position of Myanmar's state. Right now the official exchange rate is MMK6,7 to USD1, but actually the price is MMK830 to USD1 on the road market. For more information click here.

I' m not sure how many persons were deceived when they bought the banknotes, because it's not simple to get Myanmar Kyat. Except you go to Myanmar and exchange it for US dollars. Few are aware that Malaysia Bank and Money Changer will not be accepting Myanmar Kyat at their exchange-rate.

When asked "You can swap Myanmar Kyat if you want to take advantage of the black market price", I reply.

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