Makara Village

Macara village

Detached Non A/c cabin in Makara Village. Gokarna Makara Village Resort is an idyllic excursion away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life. Browse photos and find reviews from real travelers for Makara Village Resort in Gokarna.

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In accordance with official requirements, every individual over the legal age of eighteen who lives in the guesthouse must carry a photo ID. Guests cannot register without a current ID card. Main guests registering at the hotels must be at least 18 years of age. No.

A fold-away or additional beds are available to accommodate an additional person when making a reservation. An early check-in or later checkout is dependent on availabilty and may be invoiced by the hotels. Default check-in is 12 o'clock and default checkout is 11 o'clock.

You will receive a reservation e-mail with the telephone number of the hotels. If you wish, you can get in touch with the hotels directly for an early check-in or later. This is calculated at checkout. Entrance to the premises is reserved by the hotels. If a guest poses as a "couple", he or she may be refused lodging if no appropriate ID is presented at check-in.

Entrance to the premises is reserved for those living near the hostel. Accomodation may be refused to visitors living in the same town. Changes in reservations depend on the hotels availabilty and changed reservationpolicies. Every e-coupon rebate on the initial reservation expires upon reversal or change.

Payment at Checkout is only available for Indian properties. Residual amount must be payed by the customer at the guesthouse. If the ATM is not present or inoperable at the guesthouse, you may be asked to make a payment in cas. In case the customer intends to arrive at the guesthouse after 5 p.m., he must notify the guesthouse in time.

If you have not booked in before 5 p.m. and have not notified the accommodation of your delayed check-in, the accommodation can vacate the room. However, some establishments may require a 100% bond at check-in; refusal to pay the bond may result in the guesthouse not permitting check-in.

Guests are obliged to settle the full amount on departure; the hotel's payments may under no circumstances be retained by the client after the end of the sojourn.

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