Makara Rural Retreat

Macara Rural retreat

A romantic beach resort with the most beautiful views. Rustic retreat from the city pace!!

Macara Rural retreat

Situated in a beautiful rural environment, just 20 min by car from Wellington CBD, enjoy it. Our mansion is only 5 min. away from the rustical New Zealand sands. There is one room with a twin bedroom, two separated singles and a small room with a four-poster beds, all rooms have their own bath and another room with twin beds on the ground floor.

Dinner on demand. There' s a café on the shore which is open during the afternoon, but otherwise the next restaurants / take-away is 15 min by car.

Satan in Capricorn * BP Lama Jyotisha

The karma of rules, society, legitimacy. Shuani is good, but He is still Shuani = succes comes only after a long process and significant lag. Shani in a strong posture. Traditional approaches to behavioral decisions. Encourages respect ability and respect. Ready to bring in the work to achieve the societal recognition one wants.

Conventionally and rather footsteps in appearance and styling, but very regularly and responsibly in my work. Shows compliance with the laws and standards that govern your municipality or your business. Want safety and recognition. Seek a physically convenient ambience with minimum conflicts and maximum protocols. SWAKSHTRA SHANI's disadvantage is that the locals tend to deal with corporate citizenship and - out of a feeling of karmaic obligation - to embrace too much of it.

When Shani is dominating the radius, the societal character can be significantly (perhaps completely) determined by severe responsibility for institutionality. This is Shani-6 in Makara razhi, awarded for achievements in state-sponsored or regulated healthcare, attorneys at a firm specializing in healthcare (e.g., malpractice). It is good for the army regimes, long-term combat laws, official surroundings with stringent regulations, legal use of limited natural resource under pressure.

Shuani is the operative of "No-Change", conformance, homogeneity, non-movement, non-innovation, freezing, seizing, stopping. Shani's Raschi shows the kind of surroundings in which Shani must be rightfully located; but the men, places and things in this surroundings are an abomination to Him, and He must always withstand them. Shanis Raschi shows "where you are stuck" in the Karmish syllabus.

Shani's Raschi shows the troubled surroundings with its traits and characters that make the place where Shani expressed his anxieties, fears and punishments, together with the gradual acquisition of the privileges of advancing in hierarchy and enforcing the legal state. No-Go Shani says "not no" in Professor Shani's Makara's raki, but "slowly" to the hierarchic, legitimate, gradual, ordered, punishing, administrative, materialistic, materialist, layered, conformist, regulative, legal, ruling qualities of Makara.

Even though Shuani cannot avoid the presence of Makara's consistent, ordered rankings, Shuani can stop this behavior from progressing too quickly. Shuani is afraid of Islamic institutions in Makara. Although He makes it easier to move up hierarchically in steps through stringent regulations for transportation, He must keep this transportation slowly and strictly regular. Mr. Zhani opposes the disordered implementation of law and policy; therefore, Makara's law must be strictly controlled even during the time of the great resources hierarchy.

Shuani can withstand any kind of disorder. Shani Akokera will enable and even encourage steady institutional and corporate development, but this must be gradual and structured in line with previous model. The most important thing is that the Makara-run power and resource centres focus the vast majority in a small number of top elites at the top, and top-down choices are made at this top summit, while the bulk of the workforce forms the vast bottom up.

Shani Makara encourages any manifestation of ethical behavior as long as the regulations of society are followed to the letter and the top ruling class of the hierarchical structure is respected.

Shani Akokera may be committed to eliminating the hottest of creative or intelligent individuals in order to preserve unity and promote legitimate government. Simha Makara has a 6/8-angles to Simha, so that Simha individualist characteristic leaders are the inherent foes of the generally calm category of governors who are macara.

Shani-Ena is in danger of being politically upset and tries to repress her in general. Shuani is doing his best to renounce, refrain, restrict and limit useless actions, but Professor Shani is at home in Makara. Shani Akokera is not scared of abrupt changes in his own closely ordered milieu. That'?s why Shani becomes very powerful in Makara.

At Makara Shani sees the surroundings around him as quite normal. Architectures of privileges and administrative paradigms are welcoming surroundings for Shani, and He works hard to raise the levels of structures in gradual and periodic designs by checking and checking compliance with the Act as He progresses carefully. It defends itself against lawbreakers and can act to penalize them; it defends itself against those who disguise themselves as representatives of legitimate hierarchy, but can manifest dissimulation as substandard representatives of the rule to make sure that illegal residents return to their own ranks and their own group.

Shuani uses different kinds of barriers and blockades to avoid or at least delay abrupt, disturbing movement within large hierarchie. People with Shani in Makara are usually quite simple and sensible, although their life seems to have more legal and societal pressures than that. Shani-Makara doesn't like the sixth of Mithunaya and the eighth of Simha.

Mithtunaya calls on the small group trial and fast communications instead of the large, sluggish, cumbersome institutional processes; while Simha claims the godly intelligentsia of the Surya-entitled person that Shani cannot tolerate. When the manger in Mithunaya or Simha is free of grace, lives can be careful, with foreseeable unity and respect for the principles of physical and societal succeed.

However, any greyha in Mithunaya or Simha can be a problem during the Shani years.

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