Makara Queen River Cruise

The Makara Queen River Cruise

She also sails the Chindwin River on a charter basis. Royal Princess Photo - RV Yandabo Photo - Contact - Home page; Makara Queen. MANDALAY BAGAN DELUXE RIVER CRUISE.

Macaraw Queen

An advance payment of 30% of the full cost of the trip is due at the moment of reservation and the balance is due 30 nights before departure. All other fees, which are not included in the tour fee, are to be payed directly on Makara Queen. In case the baby remains in the current room with the parent, 30% reduction on the double room rates.

Reservation of 10 rooms and more than 30% off the double room price for individual use in the driver's room (subject to availability). Valid for groups of 20 or more:double room price at Deluxe. Makara Queen has the right to delay or terminate the trip up to 30 nights before the start of the trip.

Except as agreed with the customer in advance, if the flow is too high or too low, customers will be given an alternate route. Propellant prices are based on the October 2016 month averages, and Makara Queen is authorized to apply a propellant supplement at any moment if the propellant prices increase the prices specified in the policy.

Older customers and customers who are expecting during their trip should see their physician to make sure they are ready to leave. The General Business Rules apply both to a reservation through an intermediary and to a direct agreement between Makara Queen and the customer from the customer. The cruise fare must be purchased 30 nights before your cruise leaves and we do not allow check-in without a fare.

There are no reimbursements for canceled bookings for reasons of meteorological and security reasons or to safeguard people' s lives or public healthcare. Customers must be on the ship at least 30 mins. before sailing.

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