Makara Queen Cruise

Macara Queen Cruise

Each room on the Makara has its own balcony and windows from floor to ceiling, ideal to enjoy the scenery of the magnificent Ayeyarwady River. Important: Please deactivate your verifying emails in order to get our confirmation emails. Important: Please deactivate your verifying emails in order to get our confirmation emails. RELIABILITY: Please be aware that this is a MODERN fellowship for those who want to REALLY FAVOUR cruises or want to study about cruises. You are required to use a current electronic mailing list.

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Macara Queen Cruise

You are invited to travel and explore the roots of Myanmar civilization and its enchanting tradition aboard the Makara Queen. Makara Queen offers a range of landscapes, among them thick, jungle-covered river banks, large ravines and vast paddy fields. You will also gain insight into the tradition of peasant living along the river bank and occasionally a view of a friar dressed in safra.

Onboard the Makara, you' ll be able to relax in one of our 22 luxury rooms. Each room on the Makara has its own balconies and window from the ground to the roof, ideal to savour the landscape of the splendid Ayeyarwady River. Places we will be visiting on our trip will give us a deep insight into this amazing world.

Childrens price & extra bed: Toddlers (under 2 years) are free in their parents' room. Onboard the Makara, the suite is the quintessential cruise suite. Soak up the view from the floor-to-ceiling window and two separate balcony and unwind in a king-size cot with deluxe underwear.

Custom handcrafted and sculptured with Myanmar silks and sculpture, our suite offers a fluffy retreat to collect your thoughts after an exhilarating away from the well-trodden paths or to prepare your next adventure outing. Equipped throughout in a singular mixture of fashionable and tradional style, our luxury booths provide single or bunk bed options.

Every cab has been engineered to ensure maximum convenience and environmentally sound facilities to improve your trip aboard the Makara. Equipped with ceiling-high doors and a terrace, the luxury cab provides a feeling of adventurousness and traditions while preserving your private sphere.

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