Major Cities in Burma

Cities in Burma

Big cities are divided into districts called townships. Main language, Burmese, minority languages, main religions, Buddhism. Burma's mountains are home to many gems. Sagaing is the most important city. The Myanmar government is pursuing small-scale settlement planning outside the major cities, focusing in particular on small villages in wooded areas.

the Yangon

Also known as Rangoon, Yangon was the capitol of Burma until a few years ago. With over 4.3 million inhabitants, it remains the biggest town in the state and the most important business centre. It has the highest number of colorful cities in Southeast Asia.

Although there has been an increase in high-rise and business premises, the country's infrastructures are still largely untapped, and a large part of the country's inhabitants live in extreme poverty. 2. There is an expansive bus system with over 300 bus routes, both local and national, to most areas of the town.

The majority of Yangon's inhabitants are from Burma, but there are also some Indians and Chine. Today's Burma's capital Naypyidaw is located between the Bago Yoma and Shan Yoma mountains. Only in 2006 it was declared the capitol, and a large part of the town is still under building. There is little story of this town, as it was only established on a green field in the jungles in 2002.

The town is located in the geographic centre of the state, making it a better place for the main town, and it is also an important transport crossroad. Although the MoU uses this argument, many Myanmarians do not agree with their financial state. andalay is Burma's second biggest town with over a million population.

Established in 1857 as a Buddha town. It' full of many beautiful castles and other Buddhistic places. It was the last capitol of Burma before the colonisation by the United Kingdom. It was a vast centre for Burma's culture and buddhistic training during the war.

Today Mandalay is the most important centre of education, culture and economy in Upper Burma. Unfortunately, this town is often struck by fire, which has burnt down several hundred houses and rendered several thousand home. In recent years there has been a large flow of Chineses who have developed the inner town into a fashionable business centre with many inns, shops and apartments.

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