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The name of the breed comes from the similarity of these cats with racoons, literally Maine Coon and is translated as "Manx Raccoon". The Maine Coon is not cheap. More ideas | Mehr Ideen ├╝ber Kawaii cat, Beautiful cats und Crazy cats. Breathtaking free images of Maine Coon Cats for download. Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds.

The Maine Coon Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Features & Facts

Maine Coon was born in Maine, New England, where he was a favourite mousecatcher, farmer and most likely a ship's cats. View all Main Coon features below! Racy characteristics: While some cats are usually self-sufficient and distant, although they have been reared by the same individual since childhood, others are close to one individual and disinterested; and some take affectionate showers for the whole group.

Race is not the only thing that goes into the planes of endearment; females reared in a house with local residents are more at ease with human beings and bind more readily. When you are a NeoTnik, you must either choose a race with low hair loss or you must ease your temper. That does not mean that every female of this race will cause these illnesses; it just means that she is at higher risks.

So if you are only looking for pure-bred females or males, it is a good way to find out what kind of genetics are typical of the race you are interested in. While some are eternal kitties - full of power and nonsense - others are more serious and calmer. Consider how and how often the kitten speaks when selecting a race.

They are generalisations and do not give any guarantees as to how a race or a single kitten will act; on the basis of their previous experience and personalities, every race of kitten can deal well with them. Strange kittens welcome the guest with a prying look or a fun rapprochement, others are timid or apathetic, may even hide under furnishings or flee to another room.

But whatever race, be it a feline that has been subjected to many different kinds, age groups, sizes and forms of kittens, will react better to foreigners as an adulthood. It is more likely for some kittens than others to accept other domestic animals. At the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries British celebrities spelt the end of the Maine Coon's fame for half a centurys.

In the 1960', things changed for the better and in 1968 the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was founded. Nowadays, the big, pretty kittens are among the most loved of all. But, of course, what really matters is that they are the state' s offical Maineite. The majority of Maine coons weighs 9 to 18 lbs (men are taller), and some are 20lbs or more.

There will be no rodent safety in a house where a Maine Coon lives. Maine Coon also likes to play fetal and get little shots, which they request in a quiet chirping or trilling. Breeding as well as mongrel have different medical conditions, which can be hereditary.

The following are some of the issues that may concern the Maine Coon: Hemorrhagic hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, a type of cardiac disorder that is hereditary in Maine Coons. There is a DNA-based test available to help identifying pregnant women who have one of the pathogenic mammations. There is also the danger of being stole by someone who wants to have such a pretty kitten without having to pay for it, who treats her polite and respectful and who doesn't care if he disguises himself or drives a pram.

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