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Cute Maine Coon kittens in a blue porcelain pot. Maine Coon Cattery specializing in kittens with lots of health, temperament and type. Nice European Maine Coon kittens for sale in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and all from Continental USA. The Maine Coon Cat Club is a member of the Maine Coon Cat Club and we are managed by them. Isari ('blue smoke') a quiet, loving girl,'buddy' with all the cats and kittens, but a little careful towards human visitors until she meets them.

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It is the pre-loved icon, which has the shape of a balloon and the character pointing to it. The character point towards the middle of the balloon is the letters pointing to it. Words'Preloved' are displayed next to the label, that is the label showing a balloon and the character marked with the letters marked with a middle cutting out of the middle.

Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name.

All of our cats are from FeLV and FiV negatives and all of them are free of genetically determined characteristics, include HCM, SMA, PK Def and PKD.

All of our cats are from FeLV and FiV negatives and all of them are free of genetically determined characteristics, include HCM, SMA, PK Def and PKD. Each kitten receives two complete inoculations, as well as FeLV and Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) inoculations, are registered, microchiped and castrated.

Males are 13-14 and females 15-16week-old. Currently the fare for each cat is 695, but due to the higher expenses for vet assistance, health and breeding, the fare increases to 785 pounds for cats departing on or after September 1, 2018.

Each kitty leaves the house with a complete kitty package, which includes brushing, dental hygiene, toy, dishes and weights, as well as the first delivery of Tigerino silicate litters, Royal Canin Maine Coon kitties (dry food) and Royal Canin kitties to instinctively (wet) feed. Cats will not be'booked' into their new home until they are at least 10 months old and have received their first medical examination and when their personality becomes more visible.

There are several matings that we hope will take place all year round, and as there is a pregnancy of about 63-65 day and a breeding season of about 4 month, so if you want to be put on our request schedule, please be patient and be sure to contact each kitten when they are available for suitable future kittens.

We also invite all our family members to get together with our children and our grown-ups (and of course with us) before the kitties are made available for appropriate trips. We are passionate about raising and exhibiting high qualitiy, wholesome Maine Coons and loving Maine Coon breeds from established show females with outstanding sires.

We do not book a kitten into a caring home until we have befriended and established a connection with our babies' prospective new adult humans and, of course, when prospective partners have been meeting and acknowledged by our cat-like youngsters. After we leave our house, we are always there to help our baby with their new families for a life time.

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