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Maine Coon is generally not known as a lap cat, but its gentle nature makes the breed relaxed around dogs, other cats and children. Throughout the world I started talking to Maine Coon breeders. Shonancats IW SGC Telegramm Sam of Coonamor Brown (Black) Classic Tabby. Grower of finest Maine Coon cats. Find out everything about the Maine Coon cat breed.


The breeders on this register are committed to the GCCF Code of Ethics for Breeders & Owners. However, the clubs cannot be made liable for the breeder's kitten, medical problems, information or documents or any kind of contracts between the partners. As we have breeders throughout the UK and Ireland, the shortlist has been divided into areas.

In order to see breeders in a certain area, simply click on the marked area. You can find a listing of currently available cats on our'Available Kittens' page, which is usually refreshed once a week. Kindly be aware that cats should not be abandoned and fully inoculated until they are at least thirteen months old.

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It has a long tradition of medicinal and veterinarian expertise, which gives our kennel a great deal of security and sturdiness. Grown up in Greece, my sisters and I used to share our passion for pets, especially females. We were told about this catshow in Athens one of these days - and after we had visited them, we saw these great kittens and were totally amazed.... They suspected it, they were named Maine Coons.

First I researched the story of Maine Coon and got to know her character, traits, bloodlines, genetics, care, exhibitions and of course cattery. Throughout the whole wide globe I began to talk to Maine Coon breeders. I thought it was very important, I guess you could say, that I should inform myself as much and as detailed as possible about this amazing race.

Not long before we were sanctified with our very first Maine Coon cat, Arthur. As the owner of Maine Coon, we felt very particular. Our whole familys had a very serious conversation about breeding one of them. But we were optimistic enough because we had informed ourselves about the Maine Coon race and its standard.

We were prepared with our combination medicinal expertise, our cat experiences and above all our unquestioning passion for this cats. So, we decide to establish a Maine Coon breeding. We' ve had the chance to work with astonishing breeders from all over the globe to develop and spread our blood lines with the best from Europe and America.

It' s a great way to watch our Maine Coons - our baby kittens we have bred from childhood - ranging from little nobility to champions or supremes taking part in promotions and becoming more popular than we want to be! Unfortunately, there are far too many breeders who make a living solely on their cattery's incomes or believe that they can somehow get wealth from a single one - which by nature means that they cannot breed in a completely ethically sound way, nor can they warrant paying for all the necessary medical check-ups, buying high value foods, and the checklist goes on.

And not to speak of the high performance and horrible life they demand from their cattle. All our females are free in our house. They will not find a cage, and we will not allow our descendants to stay in a kennel or home where there will be one.

Our goal is a cage-free area and we want our kittens to have as much space as they want. They' re with us because they' re part of our mob. This way we manage to raise unbelievably lovely Maine Coons with the calmest temper and non-aggressive behaviour - always willing to snuggle up with you!

The two of them coexist in peace and harmony. The breeding began in our home in Greece, and so she remains in our new home in the USA. It is very important to us to give you an idea of how our kittens life - and how we do it - so take your leisure and have a look at our website, because you will find many different pictures and video clips showing their way of life.

Neither do we have any outbuildings for our kittens; they are part of our extended cat families and therefore are living with us, in our house. Known as "gentle giants", Maine Coons have an above-average level of brainpower that makes their training relatively simple. They' re known for being faithful to their families and careful - but not mean - around foreigners, but they are self-sufficient and not affectionate.

Maine Coon is generally not known as a "lap cat", but its soft nature makes the race relax around them. Most Maine Coons have a passion for the sea and some claim that this characteristic comes from their forefathers, who spent much of their life on board a ship.

They are also known for being very vowel felines. They' re known for their often whining, babbling, chirping,'speaking' (especially'consulting' with their owners) and other noisy vocalisations. Mid-length nose with a smooth, concaved shape and without breakage or impact. Eyes may be either colored red, yellow or red, although the colour of the eyes may be darker.

Allowed to have a blank border around cheek and lips, except for monochrome males. We bring our Maine Coons from renowned Maine Coons all over the globe, which have a medical screen and grow according to the Maine Coon-standards. It is very important to us to have a harmonious look in accordance with the Maine Coon standards.

It is our aim to fulfil the Maine Coon race's ideals. One of our highest priority is also to raise our kittens with a lovely, quiet and fun temper. However marvelous the culture is, there are many genetics that can affect a cat's overall health and the actual culture itself.

That is why we examine our females for HD, HCM, PKD and SMA diseases using x-ray, ultrasonic and genetic analysis tests. However, this does not ensure that your Maine Coon will not be affected. Whether you are adopting a cat from us or another breeders, we cannot say enough about how important it is to ask your kitten's breeders to provide evidence of all the above test protocols.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you select a grower who does both. Echoscreenings and X-rays are also much more costly than genetic testing, and an ethicist grower should never skimp on the edges. For any conscientious grower, raising healthier kittens should be the first objective and a top level concern. As we are owned by the breed of Maine Coons and have Maine Coons in our programme, we also carry out BAER testing, not only for exhibitions, but also for their well-being.

Most breeders like to anaesthetise or stun their kitten during the BAER test, but it is really not necessary and anaesthesia can do more damage than good to the cats. The Responsible Breeder Program Code of Ethics of TICA is voluntary. "The International Catholic Association, Inc. has NOT approved this breed.

" Diet is one of the keys to a wholesome and lucky Maine Coon female. Most breeders are not aware of this and choose to give their kittens inferior foods, which is of course much more cost-effective. We want our kittens to be our own, and just as we want our kittens to have the best possible diet, we also want ours.

The Maine Coons are 100% DIY (Do It Yourself) rare. Keep in touch with us on faerybook and instagram, where you can find our Maine Coons updated every day. Our cats' security is a top concern, so we use top of the range protections known for their high standards.

The Chris Christensen care product for our kittens is our choice. "As you can expect, if you have an energetic staff and try to keep it tidy around the clock, it can really be a real dare! As a photographer - and for our kitties - we have chosen the Leica S Type 007 mid-range housing and the unbelievable Leica S Lens System.

We' re also the only catteries (!) we know that are mad enough to use a mid-size digital still photographer - in hand held focusing modes - to take pictures of a cattery! Also we use high grade stroboscopes for our illumination requirements; a kit of Profoto B1s with batteries. It allows us to take pictures of our kittens creatively under the most diverse circumstances and is an important instrument for a convincing picture of the environment.

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