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Chiang Mai flights depart from the Domestic Terminal. Cheap Chennai to Chiang Mai air tickets at the lowest price. Carriers can adjust ticket prices from Yangon to Chiang Mai according to the day and time you book your flight. Discount flights to Chiang Mai: Receive a warning when prices fall from Yangon (Rangoon) to Chiang Mai.

Up to 10 flights to Chiang Mai, fares @Rs.8817 + Up to 15000 OFF

Officially known as Madras, Chennai is known as the gateway to the South. Chennai's rich history and tradition make it the core of Tamil civilization. Chennai, the capitol of the state of Tamil Nadu, is also known as India's 4th biggest town. It is a prime example of deep-rooted civilization and legacy.

From the old palm trees along the roads, to the lovely beach and the cordial welcome, you can see the true colors of this charming town. The long golden sandy beach and juicy verdant countryside provide plenty of serenity. It' going to be an memorable experience of your lifetime as you move along Chennai beach and hold your partner's thumbs.

It' a quite vibrant town and therefore attracts not only India's travelers but also peoples all over the globe. Chennai has many sights to offer to make your holiday a great experience. Chennai's most popular celebration is the" Pongal", which is held with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Although the city's weather stays warm throughout the whole month, the cold weather is regarded as the best period to be there. Best of all, the urban environment is less damp. Starting with air fares up to hotels, this website provides all the necessary service to make your holiday even more personal.

The name Chiang Mai means "new city", is the biggest and most important cultural town in the north of Thailand and is the capitol of the province Chiang Mai. It borders the Ping River, an important affluent of the Chao Phraya River. It' Thailand's fifth biggest town, encircled by hills and luxuriant vegetation.

It has succeeded in combining its wealth of tradition and tradition with the contemporary side, making it a vibrant and new town. Mozambique has its own private cosmopolitan airfield with air connections to all China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Burma and Cambodia. It has many companies and overseas organisations that have settled in the last ten years due to its outstanding facilities.

It has an ambience of tranquility and ancient civilization with more than three hundred shrines, some of which are the most admired and venerated in the whole Buddha School. Situated in the immediate surroundings of the town, the area is full of real adventure such as wetland canoeing, jungle trips, bull rides and hillside trip villages.

It' a great place to shop for crafts, clothing and luxuries and you can find everything at great value. It' a town full of small, family-run businesses to world-class deluxe stores and supermarkets. Famed for its welcoming locals, its lovely ladies, its astonishing crafts, its fantastic atmosphere and its breathtaking mountains, the town offers a wide range of leisure facilities with a host of festivities, open-air activity and a great outing.

F: How many daily departures from Channai to the city? There are 1 daily service from Channai to the city. F: How long does the plane from Channai to Khiang Mai take? A: The usual plane ride from Channai to Khiang Mai is 7. 45m. F: What is the cheapest fare I can get from Channai to Chang Mai next sunday?

One: The cheapest fare for a flight from Channai to Khiang Mai is SRS. 12217 This offer is only valid for the next 7 nights!

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