Mai Sai Border Crossing

May Sai Border crossing

Gold Triangle & Mae Sai Border + Myanmar Border Crossing Visiting the world-famous Golden Triangle, where the boundaries of three lands, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, offer a panorama of the Mekong River, the Golden Buddha statue. Adventures with a long boating tour in Don Sao Village, Laos. Drive on to Mae Sai Village, Tha Chilek Village. Go on a motorcycle tour of the old part of the country for a tour of the cityscape.

You should consider your visa state when returning before leaving for the mandatory daily crossing from Mae Sai Thailand to Tachilek Myanmar (Burma). Explore the Golden Triangle, where the boundaries of three different nations meet: Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. We continue to Mae Sai, the border between Thailand and Myanmar, which is also Thailand's most northern point.

Savour the purchase of Chinese and Myanmar based produce. Drive to Mae Sai Towtown, Thai-Myanmar trade border; stop at migration control to handle travel documentation. Once you have completed the paperwork, you' ll head across the Sai River in Tha Chilek City, Myanmar's border city. Go on a motorcycle tour to discover Tha Chilek with its Shan temples.

You then drive through the old part of the country to visit the old village through alleys and side roads and end up at the village square, renowned for its southern China, Laos and Myanmar produce. Admission is free for under 3s. Childrens aged 4-12 years are charged 70% of the sum of the population.

Childrens 13 years and older are charged at the regular rate. Distinction between our and GROUP SOURCE services: A personal guided tours is carried out for you, your own family, or your family. They can begin the route at any point in the day.

GROUPE TRAVEL: Group tours, often also known as Seat-in-Coach or SIC, are best suited for those who want to see the most favourite attractions at a relatively low cost. The group trip, however, has firm departures times and routes which cannot be altered. There are 3 simple booking procedures to make to book your sight-seeing in!

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