Mai Promotion Singapore to Yangon

May Promotion Singapore to Yangon

"Book flights in advance to benefit from special offers. They have also designated the airports Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) as priority cities. Benefit from these special rates from Singapore to a variety of destinations around the world and experience a new culture or a romantic trip with Singapore Airlines. "Book flights in advance to benefit from special offers." MAI's promotion rates in September.

Burma National Airlines opens new services to Chiang Mai and Singapore

MNA is Myanmar's domestic airline and has the largest flight service in the state. MNA, founded over 65 years ago, is one of the oldest and most established carriers in Asia. From December 3, 2017, MNA opened a weekly service to Chiang Mai on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

In conjunction with this new itinerary, MNA is providing a GV 2 promotion for Yangon - Chiang Mai - Yangon. December 5, 2017 to March 22, 2018.

Flights - Travel Myanmar

For more information on flying to and within Myanmar, please see our flying advice below: In order to make a reservation for Myanmar International Airport reservations, please specify your destination, your preferred timetable and the ticketing method. In the pricelist below, please pick a tariff that includes the required group. - Preferred date of travel:

  • Favourite flying time: We will immediately handle the reservation and provide you with the relevant information. You will find the timetable of the respective airline below. - This is the general timetable only, but the timetable may vary due to rebooking or confirmation of airline bookings.
  • Timetables in Myanmar are different from the rest of the globe (airlines cancel, change, combine, redirect and move flights). Some of the Myanmar carriers are dependent on us, so the timetable may sometimes change without advance notification. There are 5 carriers offering departures within Myanmar:1: 6T3: 6T2: 6T3: YH4: YH4: YJ5: Kambawza Airport KBZ - K7Please feel free to call us to make reservations for these services.

The prizes are only guarantied once the ticket has been made out and the full amount has been confirmed and agreed.

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