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("MAI-8M") signed a codeshare agreement on October 6, 2015. COUNCIL OF EXPORT PROMOTIONS FOR CRAFTS. May half day tour package Chiang Mai full day tour package. Posting; Promotion - Manage Posting.

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Global Purchasing & Innovation Management

In the past, the aim of shopping was to find the best price. In procurement today, it is important to work together with strategically important vendors in order to identify innovations and put them into practice as quickly as possible. Focussing on the identification of innovations and rapid introduction to the markets, the procurement function has become highly strategical. In the meantime, the supply of keys has become a true power of supply.

These changes require a completely different kind of procurement pro. MAI provides various trainings in procurement. MAI is recognised by multinational corporations as the premier era of procurement and innovation gathering for the development of new products. Cross-curricular classes allow MAI students to prepare for other kinds of functions:

With over 4,000 professionals - most of them working for large companies - this is the only international recruiting and procurement management elite in Europe. Recruiter are in continuous contact with the MAI to provide both internship and full-time positions to Ph. Courses are based on daily work, group work, presentation, real-life practical examples, role-plays, summarizing articles, etc.


is a plan that has been developed as a catalytic converter for the sustainable promotion of Indian export on the foundation of the "Focus Product" and "Focus Market" concepts. The programme extends support to central government ministries and organisations of central and state governments, export promotion councils, registered trade promotion organisations, commodity advisory councils, recognised apex trading centres and recognised industrial clusters and certain industrial clusters (only for technical goods abroad for technical goods registrations and test fees).

The Ministry of Trade's Market Access Initiative (MAI) schema is an exportpromotion programme designed to serve as a catalytic converter for the sustainable promotion of India's exports. The programme can also support representations abroad in India. In order to further support our mission in promoting exports, it was agreed to establish a Challenge Fund within the framework of the MAI.

It is intended to be a dedicated space for India's diplomatic mission to gain entry to the Ministry of Commerce's MAI programme. It catalytically complements the work of the EPC/Chambers of Trade to promote exports. Aim of the regulation is to include the foreign representations of India in the framework of the MAI program of the Ministry of Trade.

They would apply for support with groundbreaking projects.

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