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???????????????? #MAI #Promotion. Accueil - Special offers - Promotion; Tariff offers. This is what the locals call Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Hotel De Chai The Deco offers special online discounts and prices. Support for Thais and Thais.

Booking a flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX)

That'?s what the natives call Chiang Mai. It is a more than appropriate name, because the town is the sanctum of Thailand. It is also a contemporary metropolis: congestions can be severe and the sprawling of the town can wake you from your serenity. Beyond this less tranquil noise, the town is a gate to tens of mountain trunks, livestock shelters and ancient creeks.

You flee that and you will again find yourself in serenity. A whole new dimension is waiting for you beyond the old Chiang Mai ramparts: the surroundings are almost full of hiking options.....

Flight to Chang Mai (CNX) from $999

CNX (Chiang Mai)USD 999Conditions:*Prices are in US dollars, per capita, return and mid-week (Monday-Thursday). Any tariffs shown are inclusive of applicable state duties, charges and supplements and are subject to-be changed without prior notification. Attention: The state tax, charges and supplements are not reduced, not even for small and toddlers.

Validation of tickets: P-Class Premium Economy Class; 3 month at most. USD 150 per ticketing. Flights to/from the United States are eligible for a 100% reimbursement if the reimbursement request is made within 24 hrs of the date of purchase and if the tickets were purchased at least 168 hrs before the first trip.

Redirection Fee: The Redirection charge is USD 100 per person plus the valid price differential to validate the new route. Rates, tax, fees, charges and regulations are subject at any time to alteration without prior notification. Before you buy your tickets, please read the "Conditions of Purchase". Kindly note the miles accrual policy for each reservation category number.

Chiang Mai Hotel Promotion

Select a Kasara Suite or Kasara River View Suite and your balance will be raised to THB 1,000 per sojourn. Romantic or adventurous, peaceful and relaxing or good times with the whole host of families, with such worthwhile saving on all our deluxe accommodation and a culinary breakfasts with us you can enjoy your favorite vacation even more, in the bosom of our warm and welcoming host.

This is calculated at 10% servicefee, 7% state and 1% provinceax. Prices are per person per day, including discounts, without prior notification, due to changes and seasonality. The above price is calculated on the basis of current foreign currencies. You will be billed for the price stated on your booking receipt in the standard price of the accommodation on departure.

A full non-refundable down payment is necessary at the moment of book. To find out more about the rates in effect during the requested stay or to make a request, please call our reserve counter or click on'BOOK NOW'. Translations in other currencies are for orientation purposes only and are not legally binding. 3. We only guarantee the correct amount at the moment of your bookings.

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