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MAY Airline is the best service. Evaluate your experience with Myanmar Airways International (MAI) - See Airline & Safety Ratings for Myanmar Airways International (MAI). Locate the best Myanmar Airways International tickets, book your flight and fly with Myanmar Airways International at the lowest cost. Articles about MAI-Myanmar Airways International written by Bruce Drum. The national airline Myanmar Airways International benefits from the increase in international arrivals via its home base Yangon In.

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I' ve travelled 38 flights in MAY airways so far from Singapore to Yangon, it's one of my favourite carriers in this area. Dinner was carrier-grade, kind of sucks. Had the low-calorie diets on the plane, that dinner was quite terrible. For the last 6 years I have been flying MAI to Singapore and Malaysia.

The MAI air was the most pleasant (least painful) of these carriers.

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The MAI flights between Yangon and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Gaya, Guangzhou, Korea, Japan and Mandalay - Gaya - Mandalay. The MAI is the sole beneficiary of the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) Operators in Myanmar. At the special business-class desk we provide a range of premier check-in facilities with additional free luggage at Singapore and Yangon airports.

Warm food was provided on our A319/A320s.

Burma Airways International

ILFC, a fully owned affiliate of American International Group, Inc. AIG, today announces the delivery of an Airbus A320-200 to MAI-Myanmar Airways International (Yangon). It is the first airliner of this kind to be supplied by a worldwide airliner lessor to an Myanmar carrier under an operational contract.

The former OLT Express (Poland) Airbus A320-214 EI-EYH (msn 973, ex SP-IAC) was XY-AGO. MAY-Myanmar Airways International:

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There are many Myanmar National Air Lines (MNA) flights to a wide range of locations, including: Established in 1948, Myanmar National Airways is the second oldest carrier in Asia after Philippine Airways. Myanmar Airways changed its name to Myanmar National Airways in December 2014. After its first Boeing 737-800 arrived in June 2015, the company announced that after 22 years it was returning to Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

In August 2015, the first Singapore trip was re-launched. Our second intercontinental trip to Hong Kong took place in December 2015 after the second Boeing 737-800 arrived. Myanmar National Airlines will commence operations between Bangkok and Yangon in 2016, making Thailand its third global gateway. The Myanmar National Airlines will offer extra services to Bangkok and Singapore in the 2016/17 period.

Yangon, the biggest town in Myanmar. Though no longer the capitol, Yangon still retains the business center of Myanmar and the center of its mind. andalay is the second biggest town in Myanmar and former Burma's capitol. It is the economical and worship centre of Oberburma and is located around the Royal Palace.

The new Myanmar capitol is NAYPYIDAW, which means "Royal Capital". This is Myanmar's third biggest town and serves as a traffic crossroad. Burma Airlines has decided to stay between Phuket and Yangon from June to August. Precautions have already been taken for all those customers who have canceled their own MNA flight bookings.

It continues to focus on the touristic route from Myanmar to Thailand. The Myanmar Times reports that Myanmar National Airlines (UB, Yangon) and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines (7Y, Yangon) have formed a alliance under which the airlines will work together under the new Myanmar Sky Alliances name.

Under the Myanmar Sky Alliances trademark, the joint Myanmar Sky Alliances distribution system will comprise 13 locations. Either airline will make two ATR72-600s available for use. This would mean for Mann Yadanarpon Airline that the whole of the airline's aircraft would be assigned to Myanmar Sky Alliances. Yangon, Mandalay Int'l, Heho and Naypyitaw will probably be the most important foundations for the alliance.

This collaboration can be seen as a symbol of the imminent strengthening of the Myanmar markets. After the economic opening of the state a few years ago, there are currently eight commercial airline companies, many of which operate a small fleets on internal flights.

The AirAsia Group recently expressed interest in joining Myanmar through a JV with an airline. FMI Air's Chief Commercial Officer Mark Turner (ND, Yangon) has also informed ch-aviation that the air transport industry needs to be consolidated. Yadanarpon Airlines and Myanmar National Airlines have entered into an alliance to launch a new common operations called "Myanmar Sky Alliances", which will operate within the country.

Together, the operations will link 13 locations and provide extra flight connections to both flight plans. Every carrier will deliver two planes and operations will begin on 10 May. Currently there are 11 carriers in Myanmar and the choice to establish a common air transport system could be due to the fact that air transport in Myanmar is a supersaturated one.

Myanmar should have four carriers, like the vast majority of other ASEAN countries between four and six, said Secretary of Communications U Thant Sin Maung. Great New for Myanmar National Airline! Burma is building new travel sites to draw people in. Myanmar's Ministry of Hotels and tourism aims to promote the development of new ways of tourism programmes and new travel destination.

As of March 31, the Department has approved around 1,628 properties with around 65,470 rooms, Global New Light of Myanmar said. Myanmar is usually visited by overseas visitors via three major ports, frontier crossings and luxurious ocean-going carters. Therefore, Myanmar-based carriers such as Myanmar National Airways can reckon on reaping the rewards of having to travel with them.

More than one million national and international travellers flew into Mandalay International Airport last year and exceeded their number by 2016, according to Department of Civil Aviation reports. By 2017, national carriers such as Myanmar National Air, Air Mandalay, Air KBZ, Asian Wings Airways, Myanmar Airways International, Yangon Airways, Shwe Myanmar Airways, Mann Yadanabon Air and FMI Air were operating scheduled services to Mandalay International Airport.

Last year these carriers carried 890,000 people to the airfield, while in 2016 slightly more than 70,000 used it. Twenty-three thousand people flew to Mandalay last year, taking the number to 1. 29 million in all. "By 2017, 1. 29 million domestic and non-domestic air travelers used Mandalay airfield, surpassing the 2016 figure," said Ye Htut Aung, Assistant General Manager of the Civil Aviation Department.

Myanmar's Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw airport network has been expanded with the help of domestic and overseas business. In addition, talks are under way with the tendered overseas enterprise to construct Hanthawady Airport, the largest airport in Myanmar, in the Bago region. Burma National Airlines (MNA), a state-owned carrier, will expand the wings to Chengdu, China, a review quotes a carrier's CEO as Friday's review.

Twenty-six national and several intercontinental flights such as Singapore, China's Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Gaya will be added to the scheduled timetable, said MNA Chief Executive Officer U Than Tun. MNA took off for its first intercontinental service to Singapore in August 2015 with a Boeing 737-800, followed by the second to Hong Kong in December of the same year and to Bangkok in February 2016.

Established in 1948, the country's oldest carrier introduced reform in 2015 and expanded its local and overseas operations to keep pace with those operating between Myanmar's airport hubs. The MNA was re-named after the corporatisation of the state-owned Myanmar Airways (MA) in December 2014. There are eight German privately owned carriers operating in Myanmar, while the number of non-Myanmar carriers remains at 24 according to available data.

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