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May flight ticket price

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up to 7 Kolkata to Chiang Mai flights, rates @Rs.7891 + up to 15000 OFF

Calcutta is one of India's oldest towns, known for its deep-rooted history and backgrounds. Situated on the shores of the Hooghly River, this old town was formerly called'Calcutta'. Because of its historic past, the town has been named "Capital of Indian Culture", "City of Processions" and "City of Joy".

It is the capitol of the state of West Bengal in India and until 1911 it also functioned as the capitol of the state. The Kolkata is known as the birth place of many celebrities such as Rabindranath Tagore (the noblest) and Satyajit Ray (the Bharat Ratan). It also has profound value for Catholics and other fellowships when Mother Teresa took her last breaths here.

In and around the town you will get an insight into the past and present of India through its architectonic outbuildings. For more unforgettable memories in your lifetime, Kolkata has many wonderful and stunning places like Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens (Stadium), Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace, Writer's Building, Nicco Park, Saheed Minar and National Library.

In addition to its rides, Kolkata is known for its wide range of mouth watering and hearty welcome. Well-known not only in India but also all over the globe is the fishmarket on the lovely Hooghly River. Visiting the town during Durga Puja will increase your pleasure. October to March is the best season to come to the town, as the weather stays comfortable during this one.

As one of India's biggest towns Kolkata is well linked to different parts of the globe. The name Chiang Mai means "new city", is the biggest and most important cultural town in the north of Thailand and is the capitol of the province Chiang Mai. It borders the Ping River, an important affluent of the Chao Phraya River.

It' Thailand's fifth biggest town, encircled by hills and luxuriant vegetation. It has succeeded in combining its wealth of tradition and tradition with the contemporary side, making it a vibrant and new town. Mozambique has its own private cosmopolitan airfield with air connections to all China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Burma and Cambodia.

It has many companies and international organisations that have settled in the last ten years due to its outstanding facilities. It has an ambience of tranquility and ancient civilization with more than three hundred shrines, some of which are the most admired and venerated in the whole Buddha School. Situated in the immediate surroundings of the town, the area is full of real adventure such as wetland canoeing, jungle trips, bull rides and hillside trip villages.

It' a great place to shop for crafts, clothing and luxuries and you can find everything at great value. It' a town full of small, family-run businesses to world-class deluxe stores and supermarkets. Famed for its welcoming locals, its lovely ladies, its astonishing crafts, its fantastic atmosphere and its breathtaking mountains, the town offers a wide range of leisure facilities with a host of festivities, open-air activity and a great outing.

This website provides you with the widest range of tourism related product and service in India. F: How many daily departures from Dokkata to Khiang Mai? There are 1 daily flight from Kollkata to Khiang Mai. F: How long does the flight from Dokkata to Qui? A: The flight from Dokkata to Khiang Mai is usually 7. 15m long.

F: What is the cheapest fare I can get from Kollkata to Chicago next weekend? One: The cheapest fare for the flight from Kollkata to Khiang Mai is 9422 This offer is only valid for the next 7 nights!

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