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Burma Airways International (MAI) is a private airline based in Yangon, Myanmar. The e-Boarding-Pass will also be sent to your e-mail address by the respective airline. Full day Chiang Mai tour package. Chiang Mai Thai Airways International has never been easier (or cheaper) to book your flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai thanks to Expedia. This is what the locals call Chiang Mai.


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All Myanmar Airways International reviews and reviews

Bkk-Yangon was a good one. First and foremost, I chose Myanmar Airways for my Yangon to Guangzhou trip based on your connection, daytime and fare. Like on my last MAI trip, the overall services from check-in to arrival were very good. There was a very pleasant and good meal on the boat.

The cabin crew are multilingual and very kind. I' ve chosen Myanmar Airways for my trip, mainly because of the immediate services, the hour of departure and the fare. All services from check-in to arrival were very good. There was a very pleasant and good meal on the boat. The cabin crew are multilingual and very kind.

I' ve told the employees.....

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