Mai Airline Ticket Price

May flight ticket price

Cheap Islamabad to Chiang Mai air tickets at the lowest price. For the best international flight deals, fly from Delhi to Chiang Mai. Prices are subject to change at any time. Check all available rates for direct flights to Chiang Mai. It is an important Thai cultural centre on the Ping River.

From Bangkok Airport, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways and Thai to Chiang Mai.

From Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways and Thai to Chiang Mai, there are services from Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airports. It is the second most congested internal flight after Phuket. The airlines Nok Air, R Airlines, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air and Thai Lmile are offering services from Bangkok-Don Mueang to Chiang Mai International Airfield.

It is the most congested internal itinerary from this one. Daily there are a lot of departures to Chaing Mai, on average one per hours. Since this is a favourite itinerary, we suggest you book your flight in advanced. Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi: The check-in desk for internal services is located on the 4th storey of the international airports.

It has a broad array of amenities, from dining and shopping to spa and playground amenities. Chiang Mai starts from the Chiang Mai Inland Station. The pasta hut and Thai food court are locally flavoured, while the Burger King and KFC provide a touch of the western flavours. There is a souvenir store and a bookstore in the home station, although both are quite simple.

The Chiang Mai airport is less than two kilometres from the center of the town. There is a cab stand on the northern side of the airport entrance. There is a taxicab service to the town charging a lump sum of 160*? (just under £3), or 200*? (about £3.65) when you travel to the Arcade bus station.

While you do not normally need a valid ID card to travel inland, as a foreign national you will probably be asked to present your ID card and your entrance visas. Please try to get to the airfield about two and a half hour before departure so that you have enough free space to pass through the check. There''s no timing gap between Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

It is denominated in Thai Baht (?). Chang-mai is much less expensive than Bangkok.

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