Mai Air Ticket Promotion from Singapore to Yangon

May Air Ticket Promotion from Singapore to Yangon

The flights from Bangkok to Yangon offered by these airlines, however, have a stopover in Singapore before landing in Yangon. If you are planning a trip to or from Myanmar, look for our Top Flight Deals, or click on the links to the airports below. Cheap flights from Yangon (Rangoon) to Bangkok: Go to Chiang Mai now. Locate cheap air tickets & offers from Auckland (AKL) to Yangon (RGN) and save on your next flight with Expedia.

Booking services to Yangon, Myanmar (RGN)

You know, Yangon's like a slice ofade. It' s remarkably nice for the first-time visitors, albeit with some corners and corners, but it is tied to a complicated story that needs a sharp intellect to comprehend it. Now that the city's assets have skyrocketed, thanks to a million dollars in investments from outside Myanmar.

The gold-plated stupa and the fine city centre fa├žades sparkle like a sought-after jewel and can rightly assert to be regarded as equivalent to Luang Prabang, Hanoi and Penang, the other Southeast Asian gems. To put it bluntly, Yangon has a small instant.

But Yangon has been closed off for several centuries and has become insulated from the big wide open globe, but has also become something that the other metropolitan areas of the area do not have. Shwedagon' s decorative pagoda is the city's gain, a row of gilded Buddha shrines, topped by a breathtaking 27-ton copper foil and decorated with thousand of precious stones and stones.

Far from the bustle of the inner town, the artificial Lake Inya is the place where the city's wealthy people stay. Be inspired by George Orwell's Burmese Days. At one point, every Myanmar tourist was walking around Yangon and hanging on..... The Yangon Restaurant is open at 10am and is the ideal place for a relaxed Yangon breakfasts - try the mohinga pasta with spicy sauerkraut.

It is also open for lunches, dinners and everything in between. Head chef Todd Harrison has a preference for just about any kind of kitchen (you can select from a variety of dishes including hamburgers, pasta, salad, seafood, grilled meat, etc.) so that it fits even the choosiest in your group. It is also open for people who love to spend the nights.

Special rates offered by major carriers

A number of major carriers operating flights to Yangon offer preferential rates to boost the number of travelers to and from Myanmar, the carriers' spokesmen said early this months. By the end of September, Myanmar Airway reduces the round-trip ticket cost to Yangon-Singapore from $364 to $280, while Yangon-Bangkok round-trip air travel has been reduced from $218 to $180.

Ma Aye Mra Thar, MAI Market Manager, said these August promotion campaigns were very much appreciated by travellers. Malaysian Airlines continues its ASEAN passport campaign, which began early this year, and has added the Lady Bird campaign, which runs until 31 December. ASEAN Passport, which expires three month after your purchases, will cost $229 and allows up to four areas of transportation between towns in the ASEAN area.

This $149 Lady Bird promotion is good for a sightseeing trip between Yangon and Kuala Lumpur. The trip is restricted to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and the plane must depart within two working nights after the departure time. Yangon-based Malaysia Airlines Area Managers Chali Awang said the reaction to both businesses was overpowering.

"The ASEAN passport provides high value, mobility and interconnectivity, especially within the ASEAN region," he said. In the meantime, Bangkok Airways is providing round-trip tickets in Yangon-Bangkok for $192 until the end of this months. "Ticket revenue for our Yangon-Bangkok service has risen 10 per cent, and the number of travellers who flew from Yangon to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia has also risen during the promotion season, which began in early August," said an airlines spokesman.

Most of the airline's customers are more likely to be tourist than businessman, he said. Currently, Bangkok Airways operates five nights a day a week between Yangon and Bangkok, but offers departures from 25 October to 10 March 2010. The Silk Air's Singapore Special Promotion offers sightseeing tours between Yangon and Singapore for $299.

A spokesman for the airline's Yangon branch said that sales of seats will continue until the end of this monthly, but they are still open until December 15. We have been our way of thanking the Myanmar travellers who have helped us for the past 19 years," he said.

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