Mai Air Ticket Myanmar

May flight ticket Myanmar

Special offers & ticket prices for cheap flights. At the MAI office I went to make an appointment with the CEO. Fly to all major destinations in Myanmar and Chiang Mai in Thailand. Cheap Ahmedabad to Chiang Mai air tickets at the lowest price. It is owned and operated by Myanma Airways.

MAY Airlines is the best possible customer care. - MIA Travel Reports

I' ve travelled 38 flights in MAY airways so far from Singapore to Yangon, it's one of my favourite carriers in this area. Dinner was carrier-grade, kind of shit. Had the low-calorie diets on the plane, that dinner was quite terrible. For the last 6 years I have been flying MAI to Singapore and Malaysia.

The MAI air was the most pleasant (least painful) of these carriers.

Discount flights from Yangon (Rangoon) to Chiang Mai - from EUR 152 RT - trip advisor - [RGN

Receive a warning when Yangon (Rangoon) price falls to Chiang Mai. The nearest large airfield to Chiang Mai is Chiang Mai. Currently 58 carriers are operating from Chiang Mai Intl Airfield. The Chiang Mai Intl has non-stop services to 34 towns. There are at least 743 national and 150 weekly departures from Chiang Mai Intl.

Kolkata Yangon flights launched by Myanmar Airways International

Burma Airways International (MAI) has today announces its new Kolkata flight reservation from Yangon, Myanmar. From 1 December 2016, MAI will fly twice a week with Airbus A 320 and A 199 between Yangon and Kolkata. The MAI was established in 1993 as a JV between Myanmar Airways and a Singapore owned airline.

Since January 2014 MAI has been a full member of the KBZ Group, a national privately held corporation in Myanmar. It has codeshare agreements with Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Garuda Indonesia. Currently MAI is flying between Yangon and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Gaya, Guangzhou and between Mandalay and Bangkok. It is the sole beneficiary of the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) Operators in Myanmar.

170 RT Discount flights from Chiang Mai to Mandalay

Receive a warning when the price falls from Chiang Mai to Mandalay. The nearest Mandalay airfield is Mandalay. Currently 22 carriers are operating from Annisaton Airfield. The Annisaton has non-stop services to 12 towns. At least 130 national and 70 intercontinental services leave Annisaton every city.

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