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Banbasa border crossing (India) to Mahendranagar (Nepal) - Nepal Forum We' ve just passed the India-Nepal frontier and this is a retrospective of our experiences. They are all located on the same street outside the train terminal and are all typically indian: cheap, messy and loud, so choose. From the Barielly Satelite train terminal, about 6 km from the train stop, the journey time is about three inches.

It is quite a trek to the frontier viaduct, so it is definitely a good idea to take a trishaw for about 50-100Rs. Arriving at the viaduct, you can run the 1 km to the India Department of Migration, where you can have a nice conversation while you are being wiped out. Then it is 1 km over the no man's country, where you can get a quick bite if needed.

Nepal' INS is a nice place where you can make payments in US dollars or GBP. You will convert rupiahs from India into rupiahs from Nepal at a reasonable price, so you can take the small route to the coach station to Mahendranagar. Mahendranagar offers busses to Pokhara and Kathmandu, but it is recommended to stop in Bardia National Park after 4-5 h.

All in all, it was a fairly pain-free and fraud-free process.

Where' Mahendranagar, Nepal? Mahendranagar, Far Western Card

Mahendranagar is a town in Far Western, Nepal. At 28.92 degree of Latitude and 80.33 degree ofLongitude it lies at an altitude of 228m. With 88,381 inhabitants, Mahendranagar is the second largest town in Far Western. He works on the ACTUAL timezone, i.e. he follows the same timezone as Dhangarhi.

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Mahendranagar is situated in the Mahakali area of Kanchanpur County, the community in far west Nepal. From Kathmandu it takes 15 hrs by coach on the East West Hwy for 697 km. Mahendanagar is six kilometres from the Indian and Mahakali River borders.

It is Nepal's 8th most populous town after the towns of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lalitpur, Biratnagar, Dharan, Birganj and Bharatpur. Its name is derived from the deceased Mahendra Bir Bikram Saha of Nepal. This is the widest and shallowest freshwater sea in the Nepal Himalayas.

This is the most important characteristic of the Rara National Park, which is situated in the Jumla and Mugu districts. Mahakali Island: The Mahakali Island: The Mahakali Island is a pedestrian suspended pedestrian viaduct, only 1496.5 metres long at this point over Mahakali, Sharda Rivers in westernmost Nepal.

The Bardia Natural Park: The Bardia Nationalpark is one of Nepal's best-kept mysteries. Situated in the Terai area, it is Nepal's biggest natural reserve and wildlife reserve, and protects 968 km of salt forests, grasslands, savannas and river forests. It borders the Karnali River on the western side and is halved by the Babai River in the Bardiya County.

Siwalik Hills mark the north border of the plant.

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