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The Mahendanagar can refer to several places in Nepal: Mahendranagar is a city in Far Western, Nepal. Discover Bhimdatta (Mahendranagar) holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. pp="mw-headline" id="Society">Societyspan class="mw-editsection">[a href="/w/index.php?title=Bhimdatta&

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The Bheemdatt (Nepali: ???????), is a community in the far west of Nepal. The Mahendanagar is a town and the headquarters of the Kanchanpur quarter in the Mahakali zone. Mahendranagar was the name given to the town and the community in honor of the deceased Nepalese Mahendra. The name of the Mahendranagar community was renamed Bheemdatt after its transformation into a federal state in 2008.

Mahendanagar is Nepal's ninth biggest town. Situated 5 kilometers eastward of the Boundary of India and 700 kilometers westward of Kathmandu. As of the 1991 survey, there were 62,050 inhabitants in this state. The Bheemdatt is a crossroads for industry between India and Nepal. Bheemdatt is the world' s foremost town.

Rana-Tharus are the native inhabitants, but also humans from other regions, especially from the mountain areas of Baitadi, Darchula and Dadeldhura, are at home here. The Bheemdatt has become a singular blend of ethnical groups that have a different way of live in an already varied state. Celebrations of the ethnical Tharu are the Teej, Holi, Maghi Festivities, while the hills mainly feast on Gora (commonly known as Gaura Parba).

The Deepawali or Diwali or Tihar is a great celebration with Laxmi Puja, Gai Puja and Bhai Tika on their particular day. Here too there is a big party. The Bheemdatt is the Mahakali zone's commercial and education centre. Bheemdatta is located in the immediate vicinity of the Indian frontier and therefore has an important commercial importance in the area.

FAR-WESTENSUNITIES is the only school in the town to teach various subjects from economics and the humanities to the natural sciences. Most of the population here is agricultural, as Nepal is an agricultural community. Bheemdatt's economic activity is another means of strengthening the town' s economic activity, which is focused on the Bheemdatt area.

Mahendranagar is relatively close to the large Indian industry areas, so it could be used as a gateway for India-Nepal dialog. The Nepal Telecom offers 3G equipment in the region. The Bheemdatt is linked to other parts of Nepal by the East-West Highway, which is the only highway connecting it to the remainder of Nepal.

In Bheemdatt there is a local flight station which is out of operation. Bheemdatt is connected to all other parts of the state. They have a custom office for goods and third-country citizens, while free movement of goods is possible for India and Nepal. Banbasa, Uttarakhand state, India is on the other side of the UT.

It is the closest town in Nepal to New Delhi, the Indian capitol. It is also linked to the mountain cities of Dipayal, Baitadi, Amargadhi and Darchula by subways. Bheemdatt has many radios to support the music: the local people: the people: the people:

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