ahaw is a village in Banmauk township, Katha district, in the Sagaing region of northern central Burma. The Mahaw Mahaw Festival took place every last week of December. The Min Mahaw Marketing Group has established a Farmer School on the farms in each area. It is a free service from Min Mahaw for our farmers.


Mahaw mahaw is still one of the youngest festivals of Bago City in its third year, Negros Occidental.... Mahaw mahaw comes from the idiom "mahaw", which means a rest, a refreshment or an invite to dinner... This is the catchphrase of the Mahaw-Mahaw Fes... The Mahaw Mahaw Maaw is a feast for a lifetime; a feast for "Taga Ma-ao" or Ma-aofolk.

Therefore they could organize a succesful event despite the small budgets and the shortage of big supporters. The Mahaw Mahaw Fiesta took place every last December weekend. There are ten (10) quotas for the various and educational events, competitions of beautiful (Lin-ay sung Ma-ao) .a Rizal Day Parade and Mahaw-Mahaw Dance Parade and Arena Dance Competition.

For the second year in a row, I was honoured to be one of the magistrates in the Lin-ay was singing Ma-ao and the bullfight. As a witness to the improvements that the event has made every year, I was proud to be "Taga Ma-ao".

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