Mahamuni Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple and important place of pilgrimage, southwest of Mandalay, Myanmar (Myanmar). Mahamuni's large Buddha statue is unique in that it has been gilded to the extreme. Mahamuni Pagoda or Mahamuni Buddha Temple is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma. This temple houses the Mahamuni Buddha image, the most revered Buddha image in the country.

The Mahamuni Pagoda, Mandalay

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M Mahamuni Pagoda & Mahamuni Buddha Mandalay

Mahamuni Buddha Temples is one of the most important places of Buddhism in Burma. It is the home of the Mahamuni Buddha picture, the most venerated Buddha picture in the world. After the Mahamuni picture was conquered during the Kingdom of Arakan in 1785, the picture was constructed by King Bodawpaya of the Konbaung family.

There are several stores around the sanctuary selling sacrifices for the Mahamuni Buddha picture such as joss stick, candle and flower. Mahamuni Musuem on the site of the temples recounts the story of Buddhism. It shows information about the different places in Buddha's world, from his birthplace in Nepal, the place where he achieved epiphany and the place where he went to the last nirvana.

Mahamuni's picture is anchored in a small room with a seven-storey Pyatthat rooftop in the Burmesian city. Mahamuni, which means that the large picture on a very artful 1. This picture in Bhumisparsha Mudra position is 3. 80 metres high and weights about 6 tonnes. In order to show the Buddha picture due regard, masculine pendants put golden leaves on the picture, which is named cha shawe in Myanmar.

The Mahamuni Buddha is thus coated with a thick sheet of about 15 centimetres of golden foil, which has deformed the form of the work. A number of old photographs of the picture in the church show the differences in the outlines of the picture between about a hundred years ago and today.

Mahamuni Buddha bears a crowns decorated with gemstones such as jewels and robin. The Buddha picture ceremony is held every day around 4am. Witness of a large number of Buddhist followers, the men in front, the wives behind a cord, a very elderly Mahamuni priest, who is supported by a number of assistants, cleans the face of the pictures and cleans the skulls.

Mahamuni Buddha's picture has its roots in the Rakhine state of West Burma. The Buddha once came to the city of Dhanyawadi, then the capitol of the kingdom of Arakan. Arakan, who was very much influenced by the Buddha's teaching, asked for a picture of the Buddha.

When the King and the rich folk of Arakan gave away some of their precious objects and money, a life-like picture of the Buddha was poured. The Buddha, according to tradition, dedicated and animated the picture, whereupon the humans named it the living Mahamuni picture. As Arakan was vanquished, the Prince returned the Mahamuni picture to Amarapura, the then-capitol.

Later, the picture was relocated to its present position in Mandalay. The mythologic three-headed elf Airavata (known in Thailand as Erawan) is one picture, three are bronzelöwen. Humans believe that scrubbing a part of the sculpture's surface will heal discomfort in the corresponding part of the patient's skull.

Mahamuni Pagoda is situated between 82nd and84nd Streets. Open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. As this is the most venerated Buddha picture in the land, the area of the sanctuary can be very lively, especially on Buddhist feasts. At the Mahamuni Pagoda Feast, which takes place every February, tens of thousand Buddhist followers come to show their respects to the Mahamuni Buddha.

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