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Myanmar Magwe

In the vicinity The Magwe Division is situated in the heart of Myanmar. Most of it is in the dry zone. The Magwe Division shares a border with Mandalay and Bago divisions as well as Rakhine and Chin states. Legaing Division is in the N, Mandalay Division in the E, Bago Division in the S and Rakhine and Chin States in the W.

The Magwe Division has an area of 17,305 square meters. Occidental hills, whose precipitation is slightly higher than in other parts of the division, the Bago Mountains and the most southern part have the savannah climate. Since most of the Magwe Division is in the dry zone, it is very warm in the hottest months of the year and relatively cool in the coldest.

January, the coldest months of the year, has an annual mean of 70° Fahrenheit and temperatures sometimes drop to 50° Fahrenheit. The Magwe Division has a total of 4,218,699 residents. The Magwe Division covers an area of 177305. Its districts are Magwe, Minbu, Thayet, Pakokku and Gangaw, where there are 25 Townships and 1,696 community villages.

agwe is the division's capitol. Pakokku and Minbu are other important cities of the division. Taungdwingyi, Thayet, Aunglan, Natmauk, Pwintbyu, Chauk, Yenangyaung, Pauk, Gangaw and Yesagyo are other well-known cities. Cropland occupied 1. 6 million acres of about 2. 5 million acres of total acreage in the department. Some of the remaining areas are rice fields, muddy lands (Kaing-kyunmya), hilly farmland (Taungya-myay) and vegetables.

Rice and arable farming are cultivated several times. The Magwe Division is laying 500,000 acre underpaddies. Cultures other than sorghum are corn, sorghum (lu), Italian sorghum (Hsat), peanut, sunchoke, beans, legumes, Virginia tobaccos, tooddies. chilli, onions, potatoes. etc. Phangar (Chebulic myorobalan) is the most popular Magwe Division food.

The Magwe Division annually yields 694 million Kyat of sesame and 515 million Kyat of peanut. The Myathalun or Magwe Myathalun pagodas are known to the people of Myanmar. Its name means "The Jadethron Pagoda". That is why the floral designs on the side of the couch of the Brother Pagodas are engraved in the faces of owls and swag.

It is located on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in the Magwe Division. Myathalun Pagodas, which are customary in other parts of the land, also take place in the Magwe Division. Myathalun pagodas in Magwe and Shwesettaw pagodas in Minbu are well known throughout the state.

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