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Explore Magwe, Burma with the help of your friends. County of Magway Zip Codes, Myanmar the Andaman Sea in Thailand. 83100, Tel: +66(0)76 398 364 Fax: +66(0)76 398 365, Golden Myanmar Travels is a Myanmar-based firm founded in 2015, part of the Tourist Department of Golden Myanmar Capital Investment Co, Ltd., founded in 2015 and based in Yangon, Myanmar's business city.

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Myanmar's Magway government affirms return of funds in embezzlement scandal

Magwe, Prime Minster of the Magwe District of Myanmar, on Friday affirmed that the former head of the Magwe District had received 8 billion kyat (5.8 billion US dollars) of lack of funding in an apparent misappropriation of local aid. Magway Secretary of State Aung Moe Nyo told a news report meeting that first Secretary of State Phone Maw Shwe and Kyi Tun, president of the Shwe Thukha Microcredit Association and president of the Magway Department Deployment Foundation, return 3 billion keats (US$2. 2 million) on Thursday and another 5 billion keats (US$3. 6 million) on Friday.

"to the Magway government's banking account," he said. "We' re going to keep the refunded cash in an escrow deposit and we'll use it according to the local laws and regulation when it's needed," he said. A year ago, a Magway's Pwintbyu Town Hall legislator asked Congress about the supposed misappropriation of local aid raised by the former local authority as taxes on small olive growers in the Magway area.

A study by the Office of Special Investigations under the Department of Internal Affairs found that 7. 5 billion of kyats (US $5. 5 million) were lacking, of which more than 3 billion had been expended on the Union Solidarity and Democracy Party (USDP), which was then in power. Surely this was the case. RECALL RECEIVING recall receiving 4 billion karats (US $2. 9 million) accepted for use in Magway regionally.

"Magway's local administration has asked the Magway Region Special Investigation Department to work on where and how the 4 billion Kyat were used because the general population wants to know," said Aung Moe Nyo. As of April 18, the governing National League of Democracy (NLD) sent a letter to Phone Maw Shwe and Nyi Tun, urging them to take action 3.

$2.3 million (2 billion Kyat) paid to the Shwe Thukha Microcredit Association during the terms of the former administration, along with four cars, a shovel loader and two vessels contributed to the USDP through the Magwe Division Development Foundation. Meanwhile, the on-line magazine The Irrawaddy said that the USDP will not take legal recourse against Phone Maw Shwe for returning the money.

As a result of the outrage, legislators in other areas are asking about state resources. This money will be used to provide electricity to the area and to build and maintain hospitals and streets in the towns, he said. Asked about the means by a parliamentary commission, Ayeyarwady's Secretary of Public Works replied that the Court of Auditors had been briefed on the case and in turn briefed the competent authorities to resolve the case.

"Zeya Min Thein said: "I asked a query about this DC and the Ministry of Welfare of the Aeyarwady region replied that the local authority has not yet got one and will look into the issue.

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