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The University of Magway is in Myanmar, Magway. Telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description of the educational institution can be found in our catalogue. Magway Medical University in Magway is one of five universities in Myanmar.

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The Magway University of Technology was established in 2007 and is a non-profit university in the city of Magway (50,000-249,999 inhabitants). Technically a co-educational university, Magway (TU Magway) is formally certified and/or recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Myanmar, University of Technology, Magway. The Magway University of Technology (TU Magway) provides training and programmes that lead to state-recognised qualifications in various fields of studies.

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University of Magway (Burmese: ??? ??? ?????????,pronounced)is in Magway. The College of Magway was established on June 5, 1955. It was awarded the Degree College of Magway in 1982. He was awarded a scholarship to the University of Magway on December 20, 1994. Starting in 2013, the diplomas were awarded in the conscription hangar on our college premises.

It' on Taungdwin Road, in the southern part of Magway. The building consists of two components, the principal building and the new one. As a rule, natural sciences and arts faculty members are majoring in the subject and the arts faculty is expanding. British undergraduates are learning in Shwe Gan Gaw (1).

In the new building are the assembly room, the reading room, the recreational center and the research center. Linked sites are provided by When the reader clicks on these hyperlinks, both the site that displays the link and the site that displays it may be remunerated. Certain of the contents to which you are forwarded may be coursed to.

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Medical University, Magway, Myanmar - Office for Global Health 2014

Two PhD programme (MD) candidates are selected to take the elective subject F abroad through this university. The University of Medicine, Magway is about 500 kilometers from the Yangon city. You can find information about the university at Preferred are those who are willing to complete the full 8 week course.

Travelling, visas, living and lodging are at the student's expense. Prospective undergraduates should get the glimpses of former University of Medicine, Magway extracurricular activities. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are a graduate of a university, you should not directly approach the host university. Your activities can endanger good and long-term relationships.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to verify that the students' contacts are reasonable.

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